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New Seeds

Discover these exciting and new varieties to grow in your garden
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    Aegean Summer Sweet Pea Mix

    A beautiful soft palette is what unites this incredibly scented, long-stemmed, long-season selection of florist sweet peas. The seed packet contains a mix of the following varieties and the seedling collection contains 4 seedlings each of: Sweet Pea 'Anniversary'

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    Buckets of Sweet Peas Collection

    All the very best colours and the very best sweet peas in this super-abundant massively scented collection. This collection includes 1 seed packet or 4 seedlings each of: Sweet Pea 'Anniversary'

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    Sweet Pea 'Turquoise Lagoon'

    A brand new sweet pea to knock your socks off – it truly is lagoon blue and has fantastic scent. This looks incredible on its own and with acid-green.

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    Matthiola incana 'Vintage Antique Mix'

    This classic cut flower stock is one of the most strongly scented plants there is – with a delicious perfume like cloves. Pinch out the top as they grow to encourage branching and more flower spikes.

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    Wiltshire Ripple and Almost Black Mix

    Highlight the wonderful stipples and flakes of Sweet Pea 'Wiltshire Ripple' by growing it with the variety 'Almost Black' on a teepee, arch or frame. This seed packet contains a mix of both varieties and the seedling collection contains 4 or 8 seedlings each of:

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    Bluebell Woodland Mix

    A tried and tested perennial wild flower mix suitable for shade below a hedge or trees, including our stalwart woodland wild flowers, that will slowly naturalise and perpetuate from year to year. This mix contains: Bluebell, Betony, Cow Parsley, Foxglove, Garlic Mustard, Hedge Bedstraw, Hedge…

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    Country Lane Mix

    Go for a walk in the countryside and you'll see this beautiful combination of flowers in succession from spring to autumn. The tried and tested selection here includes our best garden worthy native wild flowers. This mix includes: Bladder Campion, Bluebell, Common Vetch, Creeping Buttercup, Cow…