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    Pale Zinnia Mix

    These are lovely calm and creamy colours, with the added zing of the lime - perfect for a summer's day. A bunch of these on the table at lunch – cool, soft and beautiful. The seedling collection includes:

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    Ultimate Cosmos Mix

    Our bestselling cosmos in a fabulous mix. Choose one mixed packet of 100 seeds, or 5 or 10 seedlings each of the following varieties:

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    The Seville Collection

    Add some pizzazz to your garden with these bestselling hot colours. This collection contains: Cosmos bipinnatus 'Double Click Cranberries'

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    Aegean Summer Sweet Pea Mix

    A beautiful, soft palette is what unites this incredibly scented, long-stemmed, long-season selection of florist sweet peas. The seed packet contains a mix of the following varieties and the seedling collection contains 4 seedlings each of: Sweet Pea 'Anniversary'

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    All Year Edible Flower Seed Collection

    No mixed salad is complete without a scattering of edible flowers. This collection includes 4 packets of our favourite varieties which will give you delicious edible flowers all year round. They are easy to grow, flowering more the more you pick them. They will transform your salads and make your…

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    Amethyst Sweet Pea Mix

    A beautiful collection of Amethyst coloured sweet peas, especially selected by Sarah for their scent and productivity, available as seeds or seedlings. The seed packet contains a mix of all three old-fashioned, highly scented varieties whilst the seedling collection includes 4 or 8 seedlings each…

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    Amethyst and Sapphire Cut Flower Mix

    For a jewel-like mix of flowers outside and inside, scatter these in a sunny corner of your garden to pick for the house. The anchusa and salvia provide the lower storey, (45cm, 18in) the cornflower and verbena, the upper (1.5m, 59in). The seed mix contains: Anchusa 'Blue Angel' (Alkinet) Centaurea…

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    The New Foliage Collection

    It's good to have lots of these three to fill a corner of your garden with lovely, delicate yet tall foliage flowers. You could pick them on their own to fill a vase or use them to add to any homemade mixed arrangements – perfect. This collection contains:

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    Buckets of Sweet Peas Collection

    All the very best colours and the very best sweet peas in this super-abundant massively scented collection. The seed collection includes 1 seed packet each of: Sweet Pea 'Hi-Scent'

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    Clouds of Scent Sweet Pea Mix

    A lovely blue, mauve and white collection. Beautiful and scented as they grow, and lovely together in a vase. The seed packet contains a mix of the following three varieties: Sweet Pea 'Hi-Scent'

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    Cosmos and Ammi Collection

    Two of the very best cut flower annuals to fill your borders and vases. This collection contains: Ammi majus

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    Cottage Garden Mix

    For those of us who like a jolly, bright mix of colours, sow this combination including zinnias, cosmos, malopes, and much more, lots of traditional cottage garden favourites which will flower together not just for weeks but months. 6g of seed to cover 2.5m x 1m or equivalent area Full soil…

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    Dark Cosmos Collection

    The darkest, richest textured and coloured cosmos together in one pack. Enjoy picking hundreds of vasefuls from late June until at least October. Cosmos are stacked full with nectar and pollen – bees and butterflies love them. They are also very easy to grow, so are perfect for beginners. The…

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    Sarah Raven's Dark Cut Flower Mix

    I love the deep rich colours of both the flowers in this mix, contrasted to the sharp bright acid-green of the foliage – dill. The combination of these looks and smells glamorous in the garden and any vase. Just sow them straight in the ground from April to June and leave them to grow. We…

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    Deep Zinnia Collection

    A rich range of colours – saturated reds, purples, crimsons – for a carnival feel. Perfect for mixing with dahlias. The seed packet contains a mix of all three varieties whilst the seedling Collection includes 5 or 10 seedlings each of: Zinnia 'Benary's Giant Coral'

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    Delft Blue and White Meadow Mix

    For a fabulous blue and white carpet of cornflowers, malopes, ammi, convulvulus, cynoglossum, gypsophila and many more. Seed shaker contains 18g of seed mixed with approximately 65g of buckwheat husks to aid even scattering. Covers an area of 7 square metres.

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    Essential Cosmos Collection

    Classic white flowers of Cosmos bipinnatus 'Purity' provide a wonderful contrast against the carmine-edged petals of Comos 'Candy Stripe'. A beautiful combination. This collection contains:

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    Flowers for Shady Places

    If you're not sure what to do with a shady area or a piece of ground near shrubs or trees, this mix will be just the thing. A pretty and natural looking mix of lilac, mauve and white flowers, including foxgloves, alyssum, malva, forget-me-nots and nemophila. Each shaker contains 18g of seed mixed…

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    Flowers for a White Garden Collection

    The four most beautiful white annuals you can grow - uplifting in the garden and in a vase. This collection includes: Ammi majus Cosmos bipinnatus 'Purity' Malope trifida 'Alba'

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    Full on Fragrance Sweet Pea Mix

    I love this trio of very highly scented, brilliant pink sweet peas. Pick a huge bunch to burst out of any vase, picking some of the tendrils too, making the whole thing more three-dimensional. The seed packet contains a mix of:

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    Genoa Benary Zinnia Mix

    My absolute favourite mix of colours, perfect in the garden and even better in the vase. This mix contains: Zinnia 'Benary's Giant Lime' Zinnia 'Benar

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    Hardy Annual Cutting Patch Collection

    Make this the year you grow your own flowers. Keep picking these annuals and they will produce flowers for you to have in vases all over the house. This carefully planned selection of cut flower seedlings will produce 3-4 vases of flowers a week, from June until October. This is brilliant value and…

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    Harlequin Sweet Pea Mix

    Our exclusive collection of brightly coloured sweet pea plants. The seed packet contains a mix of three old-fashioned, highly scented varieties: Sweet Pea 'Lord Nelson'

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    Harlequin Sweet Pea Seed Collection

    Everyone's favourite sweet pea collection. This collection contains 1 packet each of: Sweet Pea 'Lord Nelson'

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All our flower seed collections are trialled in Sarah's garden at Perch Hill and selected for their quality; they also come with free seed planting instructions.