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Annuals are the backbone and glory of your cutting garden. No garden is complete without them.
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    Calendula officinalis 'Indian Prince'

    Deep orange, with crimson backs that match the crimson centre of the flower. I use them in brilliantly coloured arrangements and eat the petals in salads. This is also lovely dipped in batter for garden Fritto Misto or make the flowers into excellent and effective, natural calendula skin-healing…

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    Calendula officinalis 'Neon'

    Burgundy buds open into bright orange petals, tipped with dark red. It's larger and showier than 'Indian Prince', with many more petals.

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    Calendula officinalis 'Sunset Buff'

    Calendula officinalis 'Sunset Buff' is the soft buff-apricot version of 'Indian Prince' with the same crimson petal backs but a much more subtle overall flower colour.

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    Calendula officinalis 'Touch of Red Mix'

    Perfect for a mixed jug of simple flowers with yellow, cream, apricot and orange, all with a rich crimson petal reverse.

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    Coreopsis x hybrida 'Incredible' Tall Mix

    I went to Chernobyl last spring. Just near the reactor, this was one of the few plants growing happily and prettily. I was so impressed. It makes a great cut flower too.

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    Cosmos sulphureus 'Bright Lights'

    A great colour mix of deep orange and tangerine flowers in single and double forms.

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    Cottage Garden Mix

    For those of us who like a jolly, bright mix of colours, sow this combination including zinnias, cosmos, malopes, and much more, lots of traditional cottage garden favourites which will flower together not just for weeks but months. 6g of seed to cover 2.5m x 1m or equivalent area Full soil…

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    Dahlia variabillis 'Bishop's Children'

    Brilliant, richly coloured flowers in deep pink, burnt orange, plum purple and blood red, all set against dark crimson foliage. Overwinter under mulch in the south to be perennial. It is a brilliant companion plant for the veg garden, drawing in lots of pollinators to up production of your…

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    Eschscholzia and Verbena Collection

    Your late spring, early summer garden will be transformed by these two – a classic and beautiful pair. Bees and butterflies love these varieties so plant them together for a swathe of colour in a nectar haven. Buy these two seed packets together and save 95p. This collection contains 1 packet…

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    Eschscholzia californica 'Orange King'

    A wonderful tangerine poppy with delicate, silvery foliage. A perfect garden plant for edging paths, giving a naturalistic feel. It will self-sow.

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    Nasturtium 'Alaska'

    Nasturtium 'Alaska' is very quick-growing, with a mixed colour cascade of flowers – cream, yellow orange and red. Brilliant for picking for a small table centre and excellent at the centre of a flower bed to bring in lots of good insects (ladybirds, lacewings, hoverflies and bees) to control…

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    Rudbeckia hirta 'Cappuccino'

    A reliable mahogany-coloured variety. The new hybrid 'Cappuccino' is beautiful with large flowers and the perfect colour.

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    Rudbeckia hirta 'Sahara'

    One of my favourite seed trial discoveries, a beautiful mix of soft colour rudbeckias which flower well, right on into late autumn – passionately recommended.

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    Super Easy Cut Flower Collection

    These six varieties are the backbone of any cutting garden. Keep cutting and they will see you through the summer. This collection includes a packet each of:

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    Tagetes tenuifoila 'Red Gem'

    Many tagetes flowers are too top-heavy and out of proportion to the compact plants, but not this one in a beautiful mahogany crimson. Perfect for pots, as well as underplanting tomatoes, to protect against green and whitefly.

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    Thunbergia alata 'Superstar Orange'

    Super-bright Black-eyed-Susan perfect for huge impact clambering over a pergola, fence or frame.

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    Tithonia rotundiflora ‘Torch’

    Luxurious, orange flowers with petals of plush velvet for autumn picking. This remains one of my favourite summer and autumn flowers. Plant and arrange it with black dahlias.

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    Zinnia 'Giant Dahlia Mix'

    There's nothing nicer than the jumble of colours of these zinnia flowers in a jug on the kitchen table. The flowers are spectacular, huge and long-lasting; a wonderful mix of oranges, reds, pinks and yellows. Zinnia elegans are one of my very favourite families for cutting, with a long picking…

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    Dahlia Cactus Mix

    Marvellous, spiky sea-urchin dahlias, which are great for cutting and will flower in the garden for many years.

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    Eschscholzia californica 'Thai Silk Formula Mixture'

    These are THE ruffled silk poppies, a beautiful mix of oranges, pinks, reds and cream above elegant blue-silver, highly cut leaves. They will self-seed at the front of the border and through impoverished gravel where we have them at Perch Hill. A showy, glamorous new introduction.

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    Helichrysum bracteatum 'Salmon Rose'

    All the strawflowers are fashionable with florists at the moment and this is the best of them. I love this plant, a mix of every tone of coffee, buff, peach and salmon, beautiful harvested and used fresh as a cut flower and it dries brilliantly too.

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    Rudbeckia hirta 'Chim Chiminee'

    I fell in love with this mahogany and gold-petalled plant when my daughter said the centre of every flower looks like a dog's nose! Mainly single flowers, with the odd double, in a long-flowering rudbeckia with an excellent vase life.

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    Sarah Raven Antirrhinum Collection

    If you like a rich colour palette, these snapdragons hit the spot. A brilliant mix of tall varieties, which make marvellous border fillers and cut flowers, containing 'Sonnet Burgundy', 'Sonnet Carmine', 'Sonnet Crimson' and 'Sonnet Orange Scarlet'. The seed packet contains a mix of: Antirrhinum…

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    Emilia javanica

    Emilia javanica, or Irish Poet, is one of my favourite new annuals with delicate tassled flowers in the deepest, richest orange. This looks brilliant in the garden and vase with Ageratum 'Red Sea'.

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All our annual flower seeds are trialled in Sarah's garden at Perch Hill and selected for their quality; they also come with free seed planting instructions.

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