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Annuals are the backbone and glory of your cutting garden. No garden is complete without them.
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    Brachyscome multifida 'Blue and White mix'

    For a pot full of daisies to flower all summer and autumn, this is the plant – have a mix of blue and white for a soft and pretty contrast. Over-wintered in a sheltered spot, or under cover, frost-free these re-appear in the second year.

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    Nicotiana alata 'Lime Green'

    Nicotiana alata 'Lime Green' has velvety, acid-green trumpet flowers that mix with any colour. One of my absolute cutting garden staples. This tends to get mildew in my garden, so keep it well watered, or to be extra safe, consider a douse of Copper Mixture. Nicotiana are a great family of very…

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    Cerinthe major 'Purpurascens'

    Cerinthe major 'Purpurascens' (Honeywort) has silvery leaves with purple hanging bells and is one of the best annual foliage plants. I absolutely love this and it gently self-sows, so you never need buy it again. It's superb as a garden plant and cut flower and absolutely loved by butterflies and…

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    Alyssum 'Oriental Nights'

    Wonderful for honey-scented table centre pots for spring and early summer.

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    Amaranthus cruentus 'Hot Biscuits'

    Upright tassled flowers in the richest copper – this is wonderful mixed with dahlias, rich and pale, in the garden and vase.

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    Ammi visnaga 'Compact White'

    A super tall new ammi, which has compact, tighter flower heads.

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    Asarina scandens 'Mystic Rose'

    I love the asarinas which climb up and cascade down, so they are brilliant for covering walls and fences and as an abundant softener for containers and summer pots flowing down the sides. This one is a rich purple-pink.

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    Bacopa cordata 'Snowtopia Improved'

    With pretty white saucer flowers, this is a perfect, very long-flowering plant to use as a trailer out of any container. It's a summer 'bedding' favourite and we love it in a mixed pot with grasses (Festuca glauca) and compact Cosmos sonata.

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    Briza maxima (Greater quaking grass)

    Briza maxima is a beautiful grass with thin stems, hung with pale green flowers that look like rain drops as they catch the light. It's brilliant for arrangements in a dark room or a church. The drops act like mirrors and reflect the light. This will self-sow.

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    Consolida 'Giant Imperial Mixed'

    Annual delphiniums which flower longer and harder than the perennial forms. This is one of the best varieties with dense flower spikes in a brilliant range of colours. It makes a good cut flower with an excellent vase life, looking good for 10 days.Please note: Harmful if eaten.

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    Cosmos and Ammi Collection

    Two of the very best cut flower annuals to fill your borders and vases. This collection contains: Ammi majus

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    Helianthus annuus 'Double Dandy'

    A beautiful soft brown and crimson, with semi-double flowers – I love it.

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    Helianthus annuus 'Ms Mars'

    This came top in the sunflower trials at Parham House, historic gardens in Sussex. Ideal for the front of the border, or growing in a pot.

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    Helianthus annuus 'Magic Roundabout F1'

    A truly lovely mix of coffee and vanilla ice cream coloured sunflowers, all with a rich crimson-chocolate heart. These are brilliant as tall border fillers and cut flowers.

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    Ipomoea purpurea 'Grandpa Ott'

    The best morning glory for our climate, which grows happily and flowers prolifically all summer and early autumn.

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    Lupin hartwegii mix

    A mixed selection of annual lupins which look marvellous en masse in any flower bed, cutting garden and vase.

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    Lupinus 'Blue Javelin'

    Lupinus 'Blue Javelin' flowers long and hard and has a delicious scent. It makes an excellent cut flower too, either arranged in bunches or as a single stem.

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    Malope trifida 'Alba'

    Malope trifida 'Alba' is a beautiful, fresh-white form of malope. Truly lovely and easy to grow.

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    Malope trifida 'Vulcan'

    Malope trifida 'Vulcan' has deep magenta-pink flowers, with a vivid green eye at the centre and lovely, green Chinese lantern buds. Easy to grow – a must for the ornamental and cutting garden and it's edible too, great for scattering on salads.

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    Moluccella laevis (Bells of Ireland)

    Moluccella laevis (Bells of Ireland) has tall spikes of fresh apple-green bells arranged all the way up the stem. An outstanding foliage plant. One of my favourite plants for summer and autumn arranging. Put the seed in the freezer for a week before you sow it to guarantee good germination. PLEASE…

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    Mont Blanc Cut Flowers Collection

    The three loveliest white flowers you can grow for a radiant patch in the garden and as a perfect combination for a jam jar or vase. This collection contains: Ammi visnaga

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    Nicotiana x sanderae 'Perfume Deep Purple' F1

    Nicotiana 'Perfume Deep Purple' is a beautiful, deep-purple tobacco flower for big drifts in the garden and excellent cut for the house. Nicotiana are a great family of very long-flowering half hardy annuals, many of them with lovely evening and night scent. Nicotiana are moth pollinated, so pour…

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    Nicotiana x hybrida 'Whisper Mixed' F1

    Nicotiana 'Whisper Mixed' is a tall mix that is brilliant for the back of the border, with silver green foliage and a lovely blend of white to pink flowers. This is my must-have tobacco plant. It looks fantastic for at least four months, and has great disease resistance. Nicotianas are a great…

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    Nicotiana tabacum

    The strong smell of Nicotiana tabacum protects brassicas against the large cabbage white butterfly and prevents them from laying their eggs all over your brassica leaves. We planted it in a big block in the veg garden this summer, either side of a kale bed and even 'Cavalo Nero' (the caterpillars'…

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All our annual flower seeds are trialled in Sarah's garden at Perch Hill and selected for their quality; they also come with free seed planting instructions.

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