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Annuals are the backbone and glory of your cutting garden. No garden is complete without them.
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    Brachyscome multifida 'Blue and White mix'

    For a pot full of daisies to flower all summer and autumn, this is the plant – have a mix of blue and white for a soft and pretty contrast. Over-wintered in a sheltered spot, or under cover, frost-free these re-appear in the second year.

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    Amethyst and Sapphire Cut Flower Mix

    For a jewel-like mix of flowers outside and inside, scatter these in a sunny corner of your garden to pick for the house. The anchusa and salvia provide the lower storey, (45cm, 18in) the cornflower and verbena, the upper (1.5m, 59in). The seed mix contains: Anchusa 'Blue Angel' (Alkinet) Centaurea…

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    Cerinthe major 'Purpurascens'

    Cerinthe major 'Purpurascens' (Honeywort) has silvery leaves with purple hanging bells and is one of the best annual foliage plants. I absolutely love this and it gently self-sows, so you never need buy it again. It's superb as a garden plant and cut flower and absolutely loved by butterflies and…

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    Anagallis monellii 'Sky Lover'

    Anagallis monellii plants have the best blue you'll find in any garden plant. Spread it in large spring drifts below shrubs and at the front of herbaceous borders, up through which your bulbs and spring-flowers can grow. We use Anagallis monellii like a blue equivalent of wallflowers.

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    Centaurea cyanus 'Blue Boy'

    Centaurea cyanus 'Blue Boy' is a large-flowered cornflower in classic bright blue. This wonderfully coloured bloom will continue for 2-3 months in the summer. This is one of the prettiest wild flowers, and it used to populate entire fields with its incredible hue. Its juice even used to be…

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    Centaurea cyanus 'Polka Dot Mixed'

    A wonderful array of beautiful coloured cornflowers, which can be just scattered into the garden to fill a sunny corner for weeks at a stretch.No cottage garden is complete without its cornflowers – Loved by Pollinators and brilliant as cut flowers. We use lots of them for wedding and party…

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    Didiscus coerulea 'Blue Lace'

    Beautiful pale blue, flat lacy umbels, which is lovely on its own, or used as a scented filler in any arrangement. Derry Watkins – the brilliant plantswoman re-introduced me to this and I now grow it every year. It flowers for months and months and its blue flowers are an unusual colour for…

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    Echium vulgare 'Blue Bedder'

    Echium 'Blue Bedder' Viper's-bugloss has brilliant blue flowers, loved by all butterflies and bees with every flower thick with nectar. Echium flowers for months and makes a great cut flower. Please note: This is a skin irritant.

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    Lupinus 'Blue Javelin'

    Lupinus 'Blue Javelin' flowers long and hard and has a delicious scent. It makes an excellent cut flower too, either arranged in bunches or as a single stem.

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    Nigella 'Green pod'

    Soft blue flowers followed by bumper-big green cheesy football seedpods for arranging fresh and dried. A perfect addition to a vase of either white or mixed Nigella.

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    Nigella 'Persian Jewels' Mix

    Lovely as a soft colour jumble in a vase and picked as individual colours – pink, mauve, blue and white to match with other things. A very cheery addition to your flower border or cutting garden.

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    Nigella damascena 'Deep Blue'

    Nigella damascena 'Deep Blue' (Love-in-a-mist) has blue flowers and the plumpest, prettiest green and crimson seed heads. Nigellas are the classic cottage garden annual which makes fabulous cut flowers and filler foliage for any vase. They dry brilliantly too.

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    Nigella damascena 'Miss Jekyll'

    Nigellas are the classic cottage garden annual and make fabulous cut flowers and filler foliage for any vase. They dry brilliantly too. This one is a lovely semi-double sky blue.

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    Nigella hispanica

    Nigella hispanica has the most spectacular flowers of the nigella family, with deep purple-blue petals and crimson seed pods. One of my top favourite plants. Nigellas are the classic cottage garden annual which makes fabulous cut flowers and filler foliage for any vase. They dry brilliantly too.

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    Nigella papillosa 'Delft Blue'

    A cousin of our long-standing favourite Nigella hispanica, with soft-white washed navy flowers and the same spectacular crimson crown seedpods as the hispanica form. This is equally good in flower and after the petals have dropped.

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    Panicum violaceum

    A new found favourite cut flower and pot filler which looks good all summer and provides an endless feast for blue tits and goldfinches right through the autumn.

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    Phacelia campanularia

    Phacelia campanularia is a stunning large flowered gentian blue plant, often called the desert bluebell which is a wild flower of California. It is perfect for sowing into any gaps in your borders for almost instant marvellous colour. It is also a good attractant of beneficial insects and…

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    Phlox drummondii 'Lavender Beauty'

    Beautiful soft lavender phlox to flower summer and autumn. A perfect container plant that will flower all summer long.

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    Special Offer Salvia 'Blue Monday' and 'Pink'

    Growing Salvia 'Blue Monday' and 'Pink' together will provide a wonderful splash of colour to your garden through the enlarged flower bracts. Receive a seed packet of each of the following: Salvia viridis 'Pink' Salvia viridis 'Blue' Buy these two packets of seed together and save £0.65

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    Salvia farinacea 'Victoria'

    A classic blue salvia for pots and borders to give height and structure all summer and autumn.

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    Salvia viridis 'Blue Monday'

    If you want a garden that looks good through the autumn as well as the summer, it's a good idea to add salvias. Use Salvia viridis 'Blue Monday' to line paths like lavender – it will look good from May to September. A hardy salvia, with minute flowers but enlarged and brilliantly coloured…

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    Silene oculata 'Blue Angel'

    Soft, ethereal and pretty, this is ideal planted en masse or on its own in a line of containers.

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    Super Easy Cut Flower Collection

    These six varieties are the backbone of any cutting garden. Keep cutting and they will see you through the summer. This collection includes a packet each of:

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    Verbena bonariensis

    Verbena bonariensis produces a haze of purple flowers at shoulder height in the autumn. If you keep picking it, it will shorten and broaden a bit – no bad thing. Mix it with Cosmos 'Purity' and Gaura lindheimeri to create a lovely, airy filling to a border, and there is no better plant for…

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