Sweet Pea Seedlings

Sweet Pea Seedlings

Grow sweet peas tumbling over teepees and arches in the garden to fill jugs and vases in your house in summer. The more you pick, the more they flower.
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    Full on Fragrance Sweet Pea Mix

    I love this trio of very highly scented, brilliant pink sweet peas. Pick a huge bunch to burst out of any vase, picking some of the tendrils too, making the whole thing more three-dimensional. The seed packet contains a mix of:

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    New Giants Sweet Pea Collection

    Whopper stems, lots of flower heads and luscious colours and scents is the raison-d'être of this sweet pea collection. They tower above others for arranging in a jug or vase. The seedling collection contains 4 seedlings each of:

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    Lisa Marie & Almost Black Sweet Pea Collection

    Grow this deliciously scented, blackcurrant and raspberry-ripple mix on a teepee, arch or frame. This collection contains 4 or 8 seedlings each of: Sweet Pea 'Lisa Marie'

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    Sweet Pea 'Lisa Marie'

    A highly scented, Spencer type with raspberry-ripple petals on long, straight stems.

Buy Sweet Pea Seedlings & Young Plants

Over the last 20 years we've trialled over 100 different varieties of sweet peas, looking for delicious scent as our number one requirement. These are the very best, strong, long-flowering and highly productive plants. Order your sweet pea plants online from us and get them delivered right to your door.

Our sweet pea seedlings are trialled in Sarah’s garden at Perch Hill and only the best make it into our range. The seedlings are grown with care and attention by our nursery in Lincolnshire and sent out ready to be planted straight into your garden. Once you’ve grown sweet peas, your early summer garden will feel bereft without them. So watch out – they’re addictive!

Sweet pea plants are easy to grow and add wonderful scent to your garden. Plus, the more you pick, the more they flower. Grow them over an arch or teepee to add almost instant height and structure to your flower patch.

If you prefer to grow your sweet peas from seed, take a look at our wide range of sweet pea seeds.

Care of Sweet Pea Seedlings

All of our sweet pea seedlings are delivered to your door with full planting instructions inside. We also offer sweet pea tips and advice on our website. so that when you buy sweet pea plants from us, you can really help them thrive. We also offer a full range of essential kit for growing sweet peas that includes everything you need for an excellent crop.

As well as individual varieties of sweet pea seedlings, you can also buy our sweet pea collections. These planting combinations are selected by Sarah to give you a stunning sweet pea flower arrangement.