Dahlias (Potted)

Potted Dahlias

Our selection of some of the best dahlia varieties, ready-potted for you to slot into your beds and borders for a riot of late summer colour.
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    Dahlia 'Sarah Raven' Dahlia 'Sarah Raven'
    Dahlia 'Sarah Raven'

    Starting at £4.95

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    Dahlia 'Café au Lait Royal' Dahlia 'Café au Lait Royal'
    Dahlia 'Café au Lait Royal'

    Starting at £4.95

  3. Currently unavailable
    Dahlia 'Emory Paul' Dahlia 'Emory Paul'
    Dahlia 'Emory Paul'

    Starting at £3.95

  4. Currently unavailable
    Dahlia 'Fairway Spur' Dahlia 'Fairway Spur'
    Dahlia 'Fairway Spur'

    Starting at £3.95

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    Dahlia 'Hamari Gold' Dahlia 'Hamari Gold'
    Dahlia 'Hamari Gold'


  6. Currently unavailable
    Dahlia 'Islander' Dahlia 'Islander'
    Dahlia 'Islander'

    Starting at £3.95

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    Dahlia 'Perch Hill' Dahlia 'Perch Hill'
    Dahlia 'Perch Hill'

    Starting at £4.95

  8. Currently unavailable
    Dahlia 'Belle of Barmera'
    Dahlia 'Belle of Barmera'

    Starting at £3.95

  9. Currently unavailable
    Dahlia 'Ryecroft Brenda'
    Dahlia 'Ryecroft Brenda'

    Starting at £4.95

  10. Currently unavailable
    Dahlia 'Wine-eyed Jill' Dahlia 'Wine-eyed Jill'
    Dahlia 'Wine-eyed Jill'

    Starting at £3.95

  11. Currently unavailable
    Strawberries and Cream Dahlia Collection Strawberries and Cream Dahlia Collection
    Strawberries and Cream Dahlia Collection

    Starting at £10.95

  12. Currently unavailable
    William Morris Dahlia Collection William Morris Dahlia Collection
    William Morris Dahlia Collection

    Starting at £12.95

Buy Potted Dahlia Plants

Many of the beautiful dahlia varieties in the Sarah Raven range are also available to buy as ready-potted dahlias. Our potted dahlias are grown on by us, to be big, bushy plants in 3 litre pots, and then delivered to you, ready to slot into your beds and borders.

We typically deliver our dahlia plants in mid-May when they have reached the appropriate stage of their growth cycle. If you prefer to grow your dahlias from tubers earlier in the year, take a look at our extensive range of top size dahlia tubers.

No summer garden is complete without dahlias and potted dahlias are particularly brilliant for town and city gardens. Plant them straight out and they will be in flower in a couple of months and keep going through to November. There’s no lower maintenance, higher producing family in the plant world. Make sure to mulch your dahlias deeply for winter and they will resprout bigger and better the following year.

How to Look After Dahlias in Pots

As a leading UK expert in growing dahlias, our dahlia plants come with plenty of advice for planting and growing your potted dahlia. For any extra advice you might need about caring for your potted dahlia, such as watering, storing potted dahlias over winter (overwintering), or deadheading, you can take a look at our gardening advice hub for articles and videos on dahlia care.