Perennials - Spring & Summer Planting

Perennials for Spring & Summer Planting

Here are my all time favourite perennials for spring planting. They are all strong performers which will look good in the garden for months at a stretch.
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    Digitalis purpurea 'Sutton's Apricot'

    Digitalis purpurea 'Suttons Apricot' is a lovely soft pink foxglove which flowers at the same time and looks beautiful with peonies in June. This is one of my absolute favourite plants. Bees and butterflies love them too.Foxgloves make some of the very best cottage garden early summer garden plants…

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    Digitalis purpurea f. albiflora

    Digitalis purpurea 'Alba' is a lovely cream foxglove, which makes a beautiful cut flower and garden plant. You can't go wrong with white foxgloves. We line the drive with Digitalis purpurea 'Alba' at Perch Hill, planting them in the autumn to flower for May through much of the summer. Bees and…

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    Erysimum 'Red Jep'

    A truly superb perennial wallflower which flowers long and hard from spring right through to the end of summer, and in milder areas, well beyond that. It has fantastic, crimson and purple flowers and, is scented, unlike most perennial forms. 

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    Erysimum 'Winter Orchid'

    Erysimum 'Winter Orchid' is my new favourite plant, which I now have in pots outside my back door. It flowers almost all year – honestly – and unlike traditional perennial wallflowers, its flowers are scented like the biennial forms. Flowers emerge as a coppery orange, turning to purple…

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    Eurybia divaricata

    This is a favourite for mixing in with shade loving ground cover plants, producing small starry flowers on striking black stems. Unlike some others in the aster family, this one has excellent mildew resistance.

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    Foxglove Collection

    The two best May and June flowering foxgloves mixed up together for beauty in the garden and vase. The seed packet contains a mix of both varieties, and the plant collections contain 1 or 2 plants each of: Digitalis purpurea 'Sutton's Apricot' Digitalis purpurea 'Alba'

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    Gaura lindheimeri 'The Bride'

    Gaura lindheimeri 'The Bride' has wonderful long, elegant spikes of pink buds opening to white flowers which flower longer – from May until November – than any other plant in my garden. When cultivated outdoors in cold periods you may notice a bruise like pattern on the plant. This dark…

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    Geranium 'Ann Folkard'

    Geranium 'Ann Folkard' has bright-green foliage topped by contrasting magenta flowers, this is in bloom for months, well on into the autumn in the oast garden at Perch Hill. Perennial geraniums are classic cottage garden late spring and summerflowering perennials, with their large decorative saucer…

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    Geranium 'Rozanne'

    Geranium 'Rozanne' is one of the best of the violet-blue perennial geraniums. This flowers for months at a stretch. You can cut it to the ground when it begins to look tired and up it pops to flower again.Perennial geraniums are classic cottage garden late spring and summer-flowering perennials,…

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    Geranium 'Salome'

    Dusky violet-mauve petals with deep purple veins and centre, and dense foliage tinged with gold when young. This scrambler will weave through its neighbours.

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    Geranium clarkei 'Kashmir White'

    One of the longest and most prolific flowering hardy geraniums in a pure white, with beautiful purple veining. I love this topped with alliums, growing up through it.

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    Geranium psilostemon

    The whopper, long-flowering Geranium psilostemon which I grew up surrounded by in my parents' garden. It was superb then and has more than stood the test of time. A true garden classic.

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    Geranium x riversleaianum 'Mavis Simpson'

    An excellent semi-evergreen perennial geranium with soft grey-green leaves and long stems of lovely clear pink flowers. It combines beautifully with blue.

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    Gillenia trifoliata

    An exceptionally long-flowering, shade-loving, butterfly look-a-like plant.

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    Hesperis matronalis

    Hesperis matronalis is one of my favourite biennials which forms puffy clouds of mauve scented flowers through May and June. It's ideal for filling gaps in sun or shade, flowering just when the tulips go over, but most of your perennials and roses are yet to get going. I pick lots of it too.

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    Hesperis matronalis 'White'

    Pure scented white sweet rocket flowers that were a favourite of Marie Antionette. Hesperis matronalis or Dame's Violet grow amazingly happily in sun or shade. I saw an incredible sight of both the purple and white form lining both banks of a river near Thirsk in Yorkshire, where Dame's violet…

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    Hollyhock 'Halo White'

    Alcea 'Halo White' is a handsome creamy-white hollyhock, with single flowers – so much nicer than any of the double forms which you see so many of these days. When you think of a British cottage garden, you think of hollyhocks, tall, towering stems lining a path or standing either side of a…

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    Lobelia 'Compton Pink'

    We many of us know the garden classic, scarlet Lobelia 'Queen Victoria' which can be difficult to place with its strident flowers. Hence this new introduction in a lovely soft pink. It is hugely prolific, long flowering and attractive to bees - it's a modern day variety for cottage garden style…

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    Lobelia siphilitica

    Magnificent true-blue flower spikes growing to almost a metre for large vases and brilliant spires for any flower bed.

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    Lupin 'Noble Maiden'

    A traditional cottage garden plant with towers of long creamy-white flower spikes with a peppery scent.

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    Lupin 'The Pages'

    No cottage garden is complete without its towers of lupins – 'The Pages' is a rich carmine-pink variety.

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    Lysimachia clethroides

    One of my favourite perennials for a pot, bright and gorgeous in summer, turning scarlet in the autumn. Happy in a pot with minimal TLC.

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    Matteuccia struthiopteris

    A brilliant ostrich fern which grows in shady, damp areas, and looks especially good planted with alliums.

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    Native Fern Collection

    Create a magical woodland floor in your garden with these three easy and reliable ferns. The evergreen Asplenium and Blechnum work brilliantly with the deciduous Dryopteris, in any shady setting. Includes Asplenium scolopendrium Blechnum spicant Dryopteris filix-mas