Perennials for Cutting

Perennials for Cutting

Many perennial plants make supreme cut flowers, coming back better and stronger for years to come.
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    Achillea millefolium 'Lilac Beauty'

    The whole achillea family are taking the floristry world by storm. They are loved for their open, airy plateaux, more substantial than umbellifers, but serving a similar role in the garden and vase.

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    Achillea sibirica 'Love Parade'

    An excellent variety of the super-fashionable achilleas which excelled in our trials, both in the farmhouse garden borders and as a cut flower.

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    Agapanthus 'Twister'

    Bi-colour agapanthus can sometimes be less hardy that single-colour forms, but not this one, as it is deciduous so is more suited to our winters. It produces masses of open trumpet flowers in white and pale blue and, like all agapanthus, is ideal for a hot, dry summer bed as it doesn't need lots of…

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    Agastache 'Black Adder'

    The whole agastache, or hyssop family are massively on the up in garden fashion and rightly so. They flower for months, are highly aromatic, have delicious edible flowers and with this variety, as it goes over, cut it right back for beautiful fresh domes of foliage into winter.

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    Clematis 'Petit Faucon'

    This is a non-clinging variety that will happily scramble up through shrubs and hedgerows. Use the deep indigo flowers for vases as this one is really good for cutting.

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    Dark and Rich Alstroemeria Collection

    I was bowled over by these in our alstroe trials last summer and autumn. If pulled (like rhubarb), not cut, they just keep on flowering and then last 3 weeks in the vase. We love to hate alstroes, but you can't say that about this rich and exotic, hot off the breeding bench trio. This collection…

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    Delphinium Border Collection

    No summer border is complete without its fair share of delphiniums – the most statuesque towering spires for any garden. Create the perfect Delphinium border with Sarah's favourite varieties. This collection contains 3 plants each of: Delphinium 'Black Knight' – my favourite deep indigo…

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    Dianthus 'Mojito'

    From the very long-flowering, highly scented new 'Cocktail' series of dianthus that we trialled and were impressed by at Perch Hill last year. They are compact, so ideal for table centre pots and windowledges and brilliant for picking. 'Mojito' is fresh, sprightly and deliciously scented with a…

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    Dianthus Cocktail Collection

    From the very long-flowering, highly scented new 'Cocktail' series of dianthus that we trialled and were impressed by at Perch Hill last year. They are compact, so ideal for table centre pots and windowledges and brilliant for picking. This collection contains 1 young plant each of: Dianthus…

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    Dianthus barbatus 'Green Wicky'

    The whopping, spiky football-like heads of this petalless sweet William make this one of my favourite foliage plants. Along with Dianthus 'Green Trick', this makes a great evergreen pot filler for winter and spring. With green domes twice the size of 'Green Trick' it's a tip-top cut flower too.

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    Dianthus x allwoodii 'Tequila Sunrise'

    We were impressed by these long-flowering, highly scented 'Cocktail' series that we trialled last year. They are compact, so ideal for table centre pots and window ledges and brilliant for picking. A soft pink variety with lovely buff-pink eyes and fantastic perfume.

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    Echinacea 'Supreme Cantaloupe'

    It's how this echinacea fades that makes it exceptionally lovely - these double, gymkhana-rosette style echinaceas are some of my new favourite things. We now have lots in our perennial cutting garden, where they thrive without overcrowding and have a vase life of over 2 weeks.

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    Echinacea x hybrida 'Sombrero Hot Coral'

    An incredible crowd-pleaser whose flowers open coral and then deepen to vermillion. Plant right at the front of a border, or in a perennial pot and keep picking for the house too. It lasts 2-3 weeks in a vase.

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    Echinops ritro 'Veitch's Blue'

    Brilliant, steely blue drumstick pompoms, covered with butterflies and bees as soon as the sun comes out. It makes an excellent cut flower too.

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    Eryngium alpinum

    A glamorous, large-flowered sea-holly with sculpted heads in a steely grey or rich royal blue. Hard to beat and loved by pollinators.

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    Euphorbia ceratocarpa

    An absolute favourite of mine. It’s a contender for the longest flowering plant I know – you can even pick it through the winter.

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    Phlox paniculata 'David'

    An excellent white phlox, with vigorous growth and medium height, and nice bright, light-green leaves and good mildew resistance. A top favourite.

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    Rosa 'Timeless Purple'

    This award-winning rose is a vigorous bloomer that’s excellent for cutting, intensely fragrant, and incredibly healthy. It’s a superb garden plant, grown in the border or in a large pot.

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    Sarah's Favourite Pinks Collection

    For a small garden, buy one plant of each to flower all summer and autumn for years to come. I love pinks. I love their scent, their incredible vase life, and that their petals are edible, so you can decorate salads and puddings to your heart's content. This collection includes 1 or 3 young plants…

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    Scabiosa caucasica 'Perfecta Alba'

    The classic, long-flowering, white pincushion flower - a Mecca for butterflies and bees.

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    Scabiosa caucasica 'Perfecta Blue'

    A classic British garden plant, invaluable for its hugely long-flowering season and good vase life. Pollinators love them.

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    Thalictrum delavayi

    Purple lace flowers and silver, blue-green lace leaves make this one of the most elegant additions for late summer. I love picking it too. Wear gloves when handling as foliage may irritate skin.

Buy Perennials for Cutting

Perennial plants make supreme cut flowers, as they come back better and stronger every year. Our specially selected range of perennial plants for cutting are strong performing, long-flowering and look fantastic in the vase. Choose from stunning exclusive collections or mix and match your own individual varieties. Order online and your plants will be delivered to your door, ready to plant in your garden.

Our perennial plants are trialled by Sarah in her garden at Perch Hill and only the best performing and most reliable varieties make it into our range. Our perennial plants are carefully grown for us by specialist nurseries and come with detailed planting instructions.

Perennial Flowers for a Cutting Garden

If you are creating or extending a cutting garden, we offer a superb choice of perennials for different border positions and for containers. Choose hellebores for winter colour and peonies for their long vase life. Echinacea is very long-flowering and phlox adds a wonderful scent to your arrangements.

When Should You Cut Back Perennials?

All of our perennials for cutting are supplied with instructions for growing and maintaining your flowers so they can give you cut flowers year after year. You’ll also find advice on when to cut each perennial, how to overwinter them, and any other advice to give your perennial a long and productive life.