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    Achillea millefolium 'Lilac Beauty'

    The whole achillea family are taking the floristry world by storm. They are loved for their open, airy plateaux, more substantial than umbellifers, but serving a similar role…

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    Achillea siberica 'Love Parade'

    An excellent variety of the super-fashionable achilleas which excelled in our trials, both in the farmhouse garden borders and as a cut flower.

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    Alstroemeria 'Grape Sorbet'

    The classiest of all the soft-coloured alstroes in our trial last summer. There is nothing garage-forecourt about these!

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    Alstroemeria 'Kir Royale'

    A beautiful bi-colour, stunning in a vase on its own or to break up pale colours or contrast to dark. Hugely long-flowering and reliably perennial.

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    Alstroemeria 'Peaches and Cream'

    Soft apricot flowers with raspberry petal reverse, more like a tropical orchid than an alstroemeria.

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    Artemisia stelleriana

    A bright, cheerful silver-leafed foliage plant, invaluable as a filler-foil for containers and I use it as a cut flower foliage too.

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    Buddleia 'Hot Raspberry'

    A dwarf variety which is ideal for containers or smaller gardens, where it can be trusted not to take over. With striking hot pink flowers for up to 4 months at a stretch, you’ll find it covered with butterflies all through summer.

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    Chrysanthemum 'Avignon Pink'

    Chrysanthemum 'Avignon Pink' is the late autumn flowering equivalent to the hugely popular dahlia 'Café au Lait'. This is set to take the gardening world by storm. I absolutely love it!

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    Chrysanthemum 'Jade Green'

    With a colour that zings and an elegant form, this late flowerer works brilliantly with soft mauves as well as deep, rich colours. Grow inside or out, lift as the weather gets wet and cold and bring them inside, and you will be picking them into January.

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    Chrysanthemum 'Pandion Bronze'

    I love copper and bronze flowers, from the 'Bruine Wimpel' tulip in spring, to this soft, burnished bronze chrysanthemum in autumn. This is a new found favourite from our trial in 2016.

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    Chrysanthemum 'Tarantula Red'

    With spidery petals in the richest, darkest red, I love this as an upper-storey in a mixed vase, or as a simple and stylish single stem.

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    Dianthus 'Dash Violet'

    A new generation F1 sweet william which flowers for twice as long as more traditional varieties. This is a lovely, luscious velvet.

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    Diascia 'Blue Belle'

    True denim-blue diascia, hot off the breeding bench. Beautiful, unusual and long-flowering.

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    Digitalis 'Spice Island'

    A reliable form, with daintier flowers than D. purpurea in a soft golden yellow with coppery-bronze veins. This nectar-rich plant will be covered in bees in June and July.

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    Echinacea 'Eccentric'

    We trialled 15 new varieties in summer 2016. Of all of them, 'Eccentric' produced the most flowers, covered in buds and sideshoots for the whole of summer and autumn.

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    Echinacea 'Green Jewel'

    Lovely, huge saucer flowers in soft green. Keep picking (or deadheading) and it will keep flowering for ages.

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    Echinacea 'Marmalade'

    Super-trendy yellow ochre, bronze and green. These are amazingly long-lasting in the garden and vase.

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    Echinacea 'Sombrero Hot Coral'

    An incredible crowd-pleaser whose flowers open coral and then deepen to vermillion. Plant right at the front of a border, or in a perennial pot and keep picking for the house too. It lasts 2-3 weeks in a vase.

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    Echinacea 'Summer Salsa'

    Burnt vermillion powderpuffs with a green eye make this one of our favourite perennials in our new cutting garden, all summer and autumn.

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    Echinacea 'Virgin'

    There are ivory echinaceas and there are white ones, but this softest of white-greens is my favourite of all the pale shades.

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    Fuchsia 'Lady Boothby'

    This hardy fuchsia stands over 6ft tall in my garden, flowering right through summer and autumn with ballerina's tutu flowers in a classic mix of deep rich red and purple. It's a jolly plant for dappled shade.