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New Plants

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    Phlox paniculata 'Jeana'

    With fine individual flowers in great, open panicles, I truly love this highly scented phlox, which looks like the species found in the wild. It has a good long flowering season too and a long vase life, filling a room with that unmistakeable phlox fragrance.

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    Polemonium 'Northern Lights'

    An invaluable May-colour-gap-filler, which like aquilegias, flowers at just the right time to give oomph to your borders and to fill your vases just when the tulips are over but summer perennials and roses are yet to get going. Like aquilegias, it is happy in sun or dappled shade and gently…

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    Primula vulgaris 'Belarina Valentine Red'

    Buttonholes of crumpled crimson velvet, set against elegant, healthy bright green leaves. Keep picking or deadheading for table centre or window ledge flowers all spring.