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New Plants

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    Aruncus dioicus 'Horatio'

    This is an excellent foliage plant for the border and for arrangements. It’s quite tall, with fern-like, finely divided leaves which appear mid-green, taking on lovely red tones in the autumn.

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    Astrantia Collection

    I love astrantias in a dappled shady spot in the garden, flowering long and hard all summer and I love them even more cut for a vase. They have an intriguing structure which scatters air through any arrangement like lacy clouds. These three, giving a good colour range, were top performers in our…

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    Campanula 'Iridescent Bells'

    We have this in a pot flowering with no TLC (except a woven basket to support it), from one year to the next. It sits on the barn steps, glowing and ghostly, truly iridescent. I love it in the middle of a border and it’s a rare and unusual cut flower.

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    Clematis 'Andromeda'

    Huge, starry flowers are borne twice during the growing season. The first early flush are semi-double, followed by a second bout of single blooms in late summer, which turn to beautiful, dramatic seedheads through the autumn.

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    Clematis 'Bernadine'

    An extremely free-flowering plant, superb in a shady position in the garden and for growing in a container on the deck, garden or patio. Ideal for brightening up an outdoor dining area. An exceptional plant for the small garden as it only grows 3-4 ft. (90-120cm). Very easy to grow and cultivate,…

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    Indoor Pelargonium Collection

    I love pelargoniums in the summer and autumn, outside in the garden and decorating the greenhouse amongst the tomatoes, and I love them just as much, brought in when the frosts begin, to place on light, cool window ledges inside (not near a radiator). Watered once a week, these three are happy and…

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    Lychnis flos-cuculi 'White Robin'

    If I had to name my top five favourite wild flowers, Ragged Robin would be up there and with this pure white form, what could be nicer? This was all over the Chelsea flower show 2017 and 2018 in the many wild flower meadows, spread throughout the show. It makes a pretty and elegant cut flower too.

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    Melittis melissophyllum

    A woodland native that’s a mecca for bees, with small, orchid-like flowers in white, with a dark pink lip and sweet, slightly lemon-scented foliage. This is lovely, planted beneath a tree or in wooded areas in dappled shade.

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    Phalaenopsis 'Little Lady Soft Cloud' (Dwarf Moth Orchid)

    This dwarf form can flower multiple times a year, with the flowers lasting for months at a time if kept in a cool, frost-free environment. We’ve had one in bloom from last September right through to spring.

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    Rosa 'Eyes For You'

    A hybrid of Rosa persica, producing large and unashamedly blousy mauve blooms with a deep, inky-purple blotched centre. Easy to maintain with a little deadheading and will repeat flower through the whole summer.

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    Rosa 'The Simple Life'

    A lovely, more glamorous form of a wild rose, with single flowers and beautiful anthers in peachy pink. We’ve planted lots of this in our soft-coloured Farmhouse Garden. Really healthy foliage and flowers for ages - May-November at Perch Hill last year (truly!). We’ve fallen head over heels for…

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    Salvia uliginosa 'Ballon Azul'

    This is shorter than the standard Salvia uliginosa, so less likely to need staking, but with the same, pretty and intense turquoise coloured flowers.

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    Saxifraga umbrosa

    Classic cottage garden ‘True London Pride’, at its best lining a path to your door, or with individual plants in small terracotta pots in a line down an outdoor table or in an autumn to spring window box. I love this tough, reliable, endlessly flowery plant for cheering me through much of…

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    Scabiosa columbaria 'Flutter Pure White'

    Like it’s pink and mauve relations, this family of scabious are extraordinarily long-flowerers, from mid spring to late autumn. They are must-have, long, light performers — just choose which colour according to your colour scheme.

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    The Dusky Lavender Collection

    We loved this delicate collection of perennials for picking from late-summer, through the autumn. The smoky pink saucer flowers of the anemone, with the fluffy clouds of thalictrum and spikes of agastache. It’s a perfect colour for a trio. They flower just when you need things to. Sear the stem…

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    Valeriana officinalis

    As with Anthriscus ‘Ravenswing’, Ragged Robin and Briza, (the Greater Quaking grass), lots of our native plants are hugely worthwhile and long-performing perennials to include in our gardens. True Valerian is a great example. This flowers all summer, has great stature and elegance and is…

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    Wallflower 'Sugar Rush Purple Bicolour' F1

    Wallflowers are one of my favourite spring flowers. The ‘Sugar Rush’ series flower in early autumn and again in the spring and make perfect, compact winter bedding or container plants. They are also sweetly scented, quick to establish and incredibly winter-hardy – ours continued to flower…