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New Plants

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    Coreopsis lanceolata 'Mango Punch'

    A compact and hugely floriferous soft peach-orange coreopsis which blooms all summer. It makes an ideal perennial container plant, mixed with a dahlia like 'Totally Tangerine'.

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    Digitalis parviflora

    Copper flowers are IT and never more so than when they are a foxglove which flowers from mid-spring to mid-summer stuffed full of nectar, like a sky-scraper of cafes one on top of another for butterflies and bees.

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    Helenium Collection

    Three top performers in our helenium trial last summer. With all three, if you do the 'Chelsea Chop' in May, reducing a third of the stems by one third and a third by two-thirds, they flower right through summer and autumn. I love them for picking too. This collection contains 1 plant each of:…

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    Rose 'Just Joey'

    This is my mother’s favourite rose. It has big, loose, blowsy flowers in a wonderful soft apricot-orange, is good for picking and has a nice scent. A hybrid tea rose which repeat-flowers well and has good disease resistance.

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    Rose 'Koko Loco'

    An early-bloomer chosen for its unique colouring; it’s loved by florists for its colour and vase life and is also a good garden performer. Blooms emerge from buds in a soft creamy latte, deepening to a haze of lavender.

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    Salix exigua

    The olive-like willow, with delicate silvery leaves which gives beautiful lightness to a border.

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    Tulip 'Brownie' and Wallflower 'Sunset Apricot'

    I was SO happy with this tulip and wallflower duo in the garden this spring, with copper ‘Brownie’ set amongst the soft, smoky, café-au-lait to apricot mix of the wallflowers. This collection contains:

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    Viola x wittrockiana 'Matrix Sunrise' F1

    A subtle, smoky mix of colours with generous, curvy flowers from late winter, all through spring. These are brilliant for window boxes and containers and for a mini vase.

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    Pulmonaria 'Majesté'

    This low-growing, semi-evergreen produces tiny sprays of pink-blue flowers in early spring. Its silvery leaves are good for brightening a shady corner or a woodland border, alongside hellebores and snowdrops.

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    Tulip 'Abu Hassan' and Wallflower 'Sunset Red'

    A rich, sultry and sophisticated mix of two of my favourite spring plants, the glossy mahogany and gold tulip 'Abu Hassan' and darkest red wallflower. This is irresistable in the garden, pot or vase. This collec

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    Tulip 'Queen of Night' and Wallflower 'Sunset Bronze Shades'

    The ebony tulip 'Queen of Night' on its own is highly glamorous, but possibly a little sombre, so contrast it to the deliciously scented wallflower 'Sunset Bronze Shades' for a brilliant tapestry effect. This collection contains: 10 bulbs

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    Tulip 'Rococo' and Wallflower 'Sunset Bronze Shades'

    Tulips and wallflowers are wonderful planted together. A rich contrast between the brilliant red Tulip ‘Rococo’ and flame-coloured wallflowers. This collection contains:

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    Tulip 'Veronique Sanson' and Wallflower 'Sunset Bronze Shades'

    A super-scented marmalade-coloured mix of perfumed Tulip 'Veronique Sanson' studded through a magnificent carpet of wallflowers, perfect for any container or prominent flower bed. This collection contains: 10 bul