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New Plants

Refresh your borders with our excellent varieties.
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    Antique Silver Container Collection

    The perfect duo for a winter-into-spring table centre or windowbox - both these plants are hardy and classy to cheer you along through the dark, early months of the year. This collection contains:

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    Antirrhinum majus 'Chantilly Bronze' F1

    My favourite colour form of these brand new, Japanese-bred 'Chantilly' snapdragons, which are taller, hardier and longer flowering than any others we have trialled, with a soft, fruity scent and large, open-faced ruffled flowers.

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    Apricot Sorbet Chrysanths Collection

    Soft coral colours and beautiful bursting star and firework shapes, these three were new found favourites last year. This collection contains: 2 or 4 rooted cuttings of Chrysanthemum 'Allouise Salmon'

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    Blue Lace Shade Collection

    Our number one favourite shade container last summer. This mini campanula has saucer flowers above lacy fern athyrium leaves. It looked marvellous all summer and autumn. This collection contains: 5 seedlings o

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    Calibrachoa 'Can Can Double Apricot'

    It's the mix of colours in this luscious calibrachoa that I particularly love, soft terracotta orange fading to vintage apricot, around a crimson petal heart. Yes please!

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    Collomia grandiflora

    With rich, buttermilk cream blooms which freely set seed, this will thrive in dry shade, and is known for growing where other plants fail, making it perfect for a tricky corner.

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    Copper & Gold Chrysanths Collection

    I love the colours of a rusty crinkly tin roof and that's just what you get with these three chrysanths, flowering all through autumn. This collection contains: 2 or 4 rooted cuttings of Chrysanthemum 'Hanenburg'

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    Coral Lace Collection

    Orlaya provides the lace, and the new colour forms of calendula and phlox, the coffee-coral tones and shapes. I adore this soft, yet not soppy cut flower collection. This collection contains 1 seed packet or 5 or 10 seedlings each of:

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    Cosmos 'Xsenia'

    Like our long-standing favourite Cosmos 'Dazzler', but with soft peach centres to every petal, becoming more pronounced as the flowers develop. This truly does age with elegance.

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    Crocosmia 'Lucifer'

    This crocosmia has vibrant vermillion flowers, is very vigorous and makes large clumps of excellent foliage for spring and summer mixed border combinations.

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    Dahlia 'Fairway Spur'

    A luscious soft curvy dahlia with great shape and wonderful colour - a fantastic new discovery which reminds me of the lovely 'Labyrinth'.

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    Dahlia 'Hamari Gold'

    A showy, curvy, huge headed dahlia in a lovely soft apricot that jumped out at us in our recent Dutch dahlia trial visit, equally beautiful in a border or vase - and with one of the best vase lives of the whopper forms.

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    Dahlia 'Libeccio'

    A wonderful mix of purple and coral pink in this large headed dahlia with petals curving this way and that. It is a huge flower producer too.

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    Dahlia 'Ludwig Helfert'

    An incredibly prolific dahlia, which starts early and keeps going late, so an A1 producer. The flowers have good strong stems and it's a lovely colour, unique amongst cactus dahlia in soft apricot to orange.

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    Dahlia 'Penhill Watermelon’

    This comes highly recommended from flower growers such as Rachel Siegfried (Green and Gorgeous) – it’s like ‘Labyrinth’ in glamour and soft, curvy beauty, but more floriferous and with a good vase life. It’s one of the new on-trend must-have dahlias for the garden and vase. Our…

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    Dahlia 'Perch Hill'

    The colour of a negroni, or a glass of blood orange juice, there is no other dahlia like this bred-for-us variety, in a subtle smoky crimson-pink-orange.

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    Dahlia 'Sarah Raven'

    I spotted this in a breeder's trial field from over a hundred potential new varieties and brought it back to trial for a couple of years at Perch Hill. It is my current number one favourite, rich and soft at the same time and with a good vase life.

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    Dianthus Cocktail Collection

    From the very long-flowering, highly scented new 'Cocktail' series of dianthus that we trialled and were impressed by at Perch Hill last year. They are compact, so ideal for table centre pots and windowledges and brilliant for picking. This collection contains 1 young plant each of: Dianthus…

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    Echinacea 'Supreme Cantaloupe'

    It's how this echinacea fades that makes it exceptionally lovely - these double, gymkhana-rosette style echinaceas are some of my new favourite things. We now have lots in our perennial cutting garden, where they thrive without overcrowding and have a vase life of over 2 weeks.

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    Edible and Antique Viola Collection

    Copper and mahohany brown reign supreme as a flower colour and I fell on these in our viola trial this spring, each variety with a copper section to its bloom. Pick them for mini vases or use the petals to decorate food. This collection contains 5 jumbo seedlings each of: Viola hybrida 'Sorb

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    Epimedium x warleyense 'Orange Queen'

    Epimediums are much sought after by the increasing band of young and creative flower farmers and florists. The coppery-green leaves are beautifully delicate in a vase or urn, as are its open, mini flying saucer flower spires. 'Orange Queen' is one of the most striking colour forms and as an…

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    Grow Together: Helenium and Eryngium

    A long-standing favourite duo in our perennial cutting garden, the ever-lovely Helenium 'Moerheim Beauty' growing through the airy, delicate, spiny sea holly, Eryngium planum. Both make brilliant border plants and cut flowers. This collection contains 1 plant each of:

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    Nemesia 'Sunsatia Plus Little Orange'

    A long-flowering plant which is perfect planted on its own in a pot, or mixed with other intense, saturated colours for cheer throughout the summer.