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New Plants

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    Agapanthus 'Twister'

    Bi-colour agapanthus can sometimes be less hardy that single-colour forms, but not this one, as it is deciduous so is more suited to our winters. It produces masses of open trumpet flowers in white and pale blue and, like all agapanthus, is ideal for a hot, dry summer bed as it doesn't need lots of…

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    Athyrium niponicum var. pictum 'Metallicum'

    There are few things more elegant than this frosted fern which looks like every frond of every leaf has been painted a soft grey. I particularly love this evergreen in containers for a table centre, all year, in sun or shade.

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    Caryopteris x clandonensis 'Sterling Silver'

    An invaluable true-blue soft cloud of a plant, brilliant for coming into flower as much in the garden goes over. Use it as you might spring-flowering rosemary - on the edge of a terrace, around some steps or by a door. It's aromatic too.

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    Caryopteris × clandonensis 'Good As Gold'

    This is one of the best dwarf sub-shrubs for attracting pollinators into the garden - it will be covered with bees and hoverflies on a sunny day. It's also compact so ideal for a container in a dull or shady spot, where the zingy green foliage will add brightness and colour.

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    Clematis 'Crystal Fountain'

    With shaggy aster-like stamens this looks like a flower within a flower. It has huge saucer blooms in an incredible ice-blue mauve. Use this to clad a sunny or dappled shade wall from spring to autumn, or it's compact enough to go in a pot. This is an unusually long-flowering clematis.

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    Crocosmia 'Lucifer'

    This crocosmia has vibrant vermillion flowers, is very vigorous and makes large clumps of excellent foliage for spring and summer mixed border combinations.

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    Dianthus 'Black Jack'

    One of my favourite flowers for scented containers, terrace or path edges and for picking. This rich crimson edged with white dianthus has a magnificent and powerful clove-like scent.

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    Dianthus 'Mojito'

    From the very long-flowering, highly scented new 'Cocktail' series of dianthus that we trialled and were impressed by at Perch Hill last year. They are compact, so ideal for table centre pots and windowledges and brilliant for picking. 'Mojito' is fresh, sprightly and deliciously scented with a…

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    Dianthus 'Tequila Sunrise'

    From the very long-flowering, highly scented new 'Cocktail' series of dianthus that we trialled and were impressed by at Perch Hill last year. They are compact, so ideal for table centre pots and windowledges and brilliant for picking. 'Tequila Sunrise' is a soft pink variety with lovely buff-pink…

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    Echinacea 'Supreme Cantaloupe'

    It's how this echinacea fades that makes it exceptionally lovely - these double, gymkhana-rosette style echinaceas are some of my new favourite things. We now have lots in our perennial cutting garden, where they thrive without overcrowding and have a vase life of over 2 weeks.

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    Eurybia divaricata

    This is a favourite for mixing in with shade loving ground cover plants, producing small starry flowers on striking black stems. Unlike some others in the aster family, this one has excellent mildew resistance.

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    Grow Together: Helenium and Eryngium

    A long-standing favourite duo in our perennial cutting garden, the ever-lovely Helenium 'Moerheim Beauty' growing through the airy, delicate, spiny sea holly, Eryngium planum. Both make brilliant border plants and cut flowers. This collection contains 1 plant each of:

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    Liatris spicata 'Kobold'

    A classic late summer and autumn flowering perennial which is on the rise in popularity, championed by prairie-style designers for its architectural form and long garden presence, foliage and flowers. The bottlebrush blooms make excellent cut flowers too.

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    Lobelia 'Compton Pink'

    We many of us know the garden classic, scarlet Lobelia 'Queen Victoria' which can be difficult to place with its strident flowers. Hence this new introduction in a lovely soft pink. It is hugely prolific, long flowering and attractive to bees - it's a modern day variety for cottage garden style…

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    Philadelphus 'Manteau d'Hermine'

    There are few scents to rival philadelphus - or mock orange - and few varieties more glamorous than this long-standing garden classic 'Manteau d'Hermine', an unusually compact form, perfect for town and city gardens with less space. It will take salt too, so you'll often see this form in coastal…

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    Polyanthus 'Victorian Lilac Lace' F1

    A lookalike of gold-laced polyanthus, but a newly-bred F1 to be earlier and more prolific, flowering from the start of spring. A lovely cut and edible flower too.

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    Salvia greggii 'Salmon Dance'

    We've been on the lookout for a smoky salmon coral form of compact and bushy salvia for several years, to plant with our roses to help keep them blackspot and mildew free. I love this one with rich crimson roses and it's brilliant for containers, flowering all summer and autumn.

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    Salvia nemorosa 'Amethyst'

    Compact, bushy and flowery, this is one of my favourite repeat plants cascading out of the front of a border, or along the edge of a path. It plays the same role as nepetas and alchemilla, but flowers for at least twice as long.

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    Teucrium hircanicum 'Purple Tails'

    Long, purple spiked flowers to provide excellent vertical colour in the summer, and loved by pollinators. This is quick to establish, flowers for ages and will thrive in most conditions quite happily.

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    Thalictrum delavayi 'Splendide White'

    It's the delicate and lacy silver leaves of Thalictrum delavayi that are as lovely as the flowers, particularly covered in rain or dew. This is the rarer, white powder-puff form.

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    Verbena hastata f. rosea

    Airy, puffy clouds of purple through much of summer and autumn, standing about 4 feet tall. Unlike Verbena bonariensis this is a true perennial and won't self-seed, scattering itself too prolifically in any tiny space it can find.

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    Verbena officinalis var. grandiflora 'Bampton'

    This unusual and much revered verbena was discovered in a public garden in Bampton, Devon. Like the native Vervain in style, with an open airy habit and long blooming lavender-pink flower spikes but the stand out feature of this is its long wiry stems and tiny serrated leaves, flushed with a purple…

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    Centaurea montana 'Carnea'

    The perennial centaureas, or cornflowers, are well known for their very extended flowering season - particularly so with 'Carnea'. With this variety it's petals are not the usual purple, but a lovely, glowing soft pink.