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New Plants

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    Campanula 'Iridescent Bells'

    We have this in a pot flowering with no TLC (except a woven basket to support it), from one year to the next. It sits on the barn steps, glowing and ghostly, truly iridescent. I love it in the middle of a border and it’s a rare and unusual cut flower.

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    Clematis 'Bijou'

    A brand new clematis – the first of its kind, 'Bijou' grows in a mound and trails, and can be used to fill in borders or for hanging baskets. Even though Bijou is a smaller variety it still puts on lots of large blooms all summer (some opening semi-double), and makes a great talking point!

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    Clematis 'Fleuri'

    Clematis ‘Fleuri’ flowers well and it’s compact, so ideal for a pot or for smaller gardens. Its flowers have rich, deep purple petals, with a magenta stripe down the middle and lightly ruffled edges.

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    Rosa 'Eyes For You'

    A hybrid of Rosa persica, producing large and unashamedly blousy mauve blooms with a deep, inky-purple blotched centre. Easy to maintain with a little deadheading and will repeat flower through the whole summer.

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    Rosa 'Wild Rover'

    Like crushed silk, semi-double, simple flowers in the richest purple which fades beautifully. This was Josie, our Head Gardener’s favourite rose in our trials last year.

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    The Dusky Lavender Collection

    We loved this delicate collection of perennials for picking from late-summer, through the autumn. The smoky pink saucer flowers of the anemone, with the fluffy clouds of thalictrum and spikes of agastache. It’s a perfect colour for a trio. They flower just when you need things to. Sear the stem…

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    Buddleia davidii 'Buzz Indigo'

    We’ve had such success with other newly bred, hybrid buddlejas like ‘Dreaming Purple’ in the last few years, we’ve decided to trial more. This one flowers for at least twice as long as the native buddleia, covered in butterflies and bees all summer and pouring out that delicious,…

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    Evergreen Compact Container Collection

    An evergreen autumn to spring, long-performing pot collection. You have a beautiful two tone purple viola, with bugle and evergreen fern which perform well in sun or dappled shade. Perfect on your outdoor winter or spring table, doorstep, window box or window ledge. This collection contains: 5…

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    Phlox x arendsii 'Luc's Lilac'

    With smaller flowers than a typical border phlox this grows to a good height, yet will happily support itself and shouldn’t need staking. It produces beautiful, soft lilac flowers in large panicles on strong, upright stems.

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    Polyanthus 'Stella Neon Violet' F1

    The most luscious purple velvet polyanthus we found last year. I love this as a doorstep or outdoor tabletop pot for flowering from February until early May. I also cut the odd stem to bring inside.

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    Saintpaulia ionantha (African Violet)

    With houseplants fashionable again, the African Violet is all set to enjoy a renaissance. Known for needing minimal TLC, they’re compact and low-growing and will flower several times throughout the year. Choose from purple, pink or dark pink.

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    Stachys officinalis 'Hummelo'

    The garden version of the British native wild flower Betony, which I love in the rose garden at Sissinghurst. It starts flowering with the roses and sustains the colour beneath them as they go over, flowering on and on. This is an excellent hard-working garden perennial and a good, aromatic rose…

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    Tulip 'Cairo' and Erysimum 'Bowles Mauve'

    A dazzling, jewel-like mixture of the fragrant top-performing Tulip ‘Cairo’ growing up through a carpet of amethyst ‘Bowles Mauve’; two garden classics in one triumphant combination. This duo will put on a show, not just for one year, but with this short-lived perennial wallflower and…

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    Viola labradorica

    One of the best-ever ground-cover plants which gradually spreads in even the darkest corners, to cover all your soil and get there before the weeds. This variety is semi-evergreen (almost evergreen in mild areas) and was one of Vita Sackville-West’s favourite plants for weed suppression at…

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    Wallflower 'Ruby Gem'

    We loved this beautiful colour form of wallflower in our trials in spring 2018, so perfectly picking up on many of our favourite tulip colours. It matches the double, glossy Tulip ‘Antraciet’, and is beautiful in contrast to scented, towering ‘Ballerina’. It’s a great new addition to the…

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    Wallflower 'Sugar Rush Purple Bicolour' F1

    Wallflowers are one of my favourite spring flowers. The ‘Sugar Rush’ series flower in early autumn and again in the spring and make perfect, compact winter bedding or container plants. They are also sweetly scented, quick to establish and incredibly winter-hardy – ours continued to flower…