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    Brachyscome angustifolia 'Brasco Violet'

    Reminiscent of a jewel-like aster but in a pot size compatible with a table centre, I love ‘Brasco Violet’ in shallow terracotta trays.

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    Clematis 'Amazing Rome'

    Developed for flower arranging, the 'Amazing' series are non-twining, long-flowering, long-stemmed clematis with a super vase life. 'Rome' has broad purple petals, darkly veined, with long, slightly twisted tips.

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    Clematis 'Sugar Sweet'

    Lilac-blue, star-shaped flowers with a fabulous almond scent. Wonderful growing up an obelisk or scrambling through a tree or shrub.

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    Compact Blue Collection

    Compact yes, and showy yes too, and scented into the bargain. This is ideal for those who wants pots, not just large but small, to fill sunny patio corners or decorate outside eating tables. This combination is very long-flowering. This collection contains: 5 or 10 seedlings of

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    Coral and Lilac Tabletop Container Collection

    I used to have reservations about double flowers, but not with these ruffled calibrachoas (sterile), which bloom continually, right through the growing season. Contrast them with the upward spires of coral diascia and airy spikes of talinum and you’ve got a tabletop version of Vita Sackville…

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    Dahlia 'Crème de Cassis'

    I love the size of this dahlia - both the plants and the flowers; compact yet elegant. Ideal for the front of a border with one of the richer cosmos, and equally lovely in a large container with gladioli spiking up through them. Also famously fantastic in a vase. This can be gift wrapped in our…

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    Dahlia 'Floorinoor'

    A bizarre and hugely pretty dahlia in all its stages, from bud to fully open flowers. They remind me of a procession of John Galliano dresses, parading down the catwalk. This can be gift wrapped in our exclusive hessian sack, with ribbon and a Sarah Raven gift card. You will be able to add this to…

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    Hydrangea aspera Villosa Group

    This is one of the most elegant plants in the Perch Hill garden, with delicate, lacy and beautiful purple plateau flowers with paper handkerchief-like petals scattered lightly throughout. If you have room for a decent sized shrub this has to be a contender.

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    Isotoma axillaris 'Fizz 'n' Pop Purple'

    Not purple at all, but a beautiful clear blue. The ‘Fizz 'n' Pop’ series in all its colours, performed brilliantly in our trials last summer. The one thing is, the stems are quite brittle, so keep them somewhere sheltered from the wind.

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    Osteospermum '3D Double Purple'

    I’ve fallen for the double Osteos. The extra ruff of petals at the centre prevents the flowers from closing, so they look marvellously Catherine-wheel like, even without sunshine.

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    Parisien Chic Dahlia Collection

    A beautifully well-turned-out bunch of dahlias, in crisp, clean colours, like a posse of catwalk beauties, a little distant and cool, but undeniably alluring. This collection contains 1 or 2 tubers, or 1 x 3 litre plant each of:

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    Petunia x 'Shock Wave Deep Purple' F1

    Rich and voluptuous, you don’t get much more velvety than this June to November, flowering petunia. It’s a jewel amongst jewels.

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    Petunia x 'Shock Wave Denim'

    If you want a brilliant purple petunia, it has to be this — hugely flowery, month after month, in our container trials of 2018, with little TLC.

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    Purple Sage

    What’s better than a plant that is as useful in a pot or border, as it is in the kitchen? This classic sage is exactly that; a beautiful smoky grey-purple foliage filler, and equally invaluable served with pumpkin and squash, as it is with pork and pasta. It’s dead easy to grow and evergreen,…

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    Velvet Antirrhinum Collection

    A trio of the new ‘Chantilly’ series of snapdragons which are hardier than others, in a luxurious velvet palette, to give you tall, elegant flower spikes for many months. This collection contains 5 or 10 seedlings each of:

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    Agapanthus 'Charlotte'

    If you want to grow agapanthus in a container, 'Charlotte' is an excellent choice. It produces an abundance of flowers from a young age and whilst compact, it's bountiful with lots of fat, bright and vivid blue heads.

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    Agapanthus Collection

    Each of these hybrids carries the unique form of upright, semi-pendulous blooms, characteristic of their inapertus parentage. An unusual trio for those wanting to grow something striking and a bit different to the norm. This collection contains 1 plant each of: Agapanthus 'Polar Star'

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    Agapanthus inapertus subsp. pendulus 'Graskop'

    Incredible for its dark, almost black buds, held upright and rising about a foot above the foliage. As the flowers open, they become more pendulous and turn a dark violet purple. This is often regarded as a florist's variety but is an easy garden plant, performing best in a sunny, well-drained…

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    Dahlia 'Molly Raven'

    Named after my youngest daughter Molly, this reminds me of the classiest Venetian marbled paper. Rich stripes and stipples over a soft coffee to pink petal base, plus beautiful foliage and stems which contrast perfectly to the flowers. This can be gift wrapped in our exclusive hessian sack, with…

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    Dianthus 'Sunflor Purple Wedding'

    Exquisite, mini English Garden Pink, with beautiful Catherine-wheel flowers in rich pink and crimson, with lovely fragrance. There’s no prettier living table centre; a row of these in mini pots in a line.

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    Geranium 'Thumbling Hearts' (Cinereum Group)

    A super-strong grower with masses of silvery pink-lilac flowers with dark eyes and purple veins. Superb for ground cover where it acts as a natural weed supressant.

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    Nemesia 'Karoo Soft Blue'

    I love blue and I particularly love this tone of blue, both bright and yet a little smoky at the same time. This will flower from early in the year. As it goes over, cut it back to one third of its height and it will quickly flower again.