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New Plants

Refresh your borders with our excellent varieties.
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    Amethyst and Lime Collection for Shade

    A low-maintenance autumn to spring, long-performing small pot collection. The beautiful purple viola with evergreen fern contrast with cascades of acid-green, evergreen Carex. This will thrive in sun or dappled shade on your outdoor winter table, doorstep, window box or window ledge. This…

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    Erysimum 'Caribbean Island'

    A low-growing, long-flowering wallflower which, unusually for the perennial forms, also has a good scent. Grow this in pots or in the border, for flowers right through spring and summer.

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    Evergreen Compact Container Collection

    An evergreen autumn to spring, long-performing pot collection. You have a beautiful two tone purple viola, with bugle and evergreen fern which perform well in sun or dappled shade. Perfect on your outdoor winter or spring table, doorstep, window box or window ledge. This collection contains: 5…

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    Rosemary 'Green Ginger'

    Rosemary is one of my favourite herbs, not just for its flavour (so good with lemon chicken, potatoes, aubergine and of course lamb), but also as a garden plant. It gives great evergreen shapes to any garden and then lovely flowers in spring, with all-important nectar for early emerging bees. This…

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    Scabiosa columbaria 'Flutter Deep Blue'

    We’ve done the pink version of this petite scabious for ages, so last year, trialled the mauvey-blue and it’s just as good, flowering (HONESTLY) from April until November. These are truly remarkable plants, not as showy as the huge scabious saucers we know and love, but flowering for three…

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    Scabiosa columbaria 'Flutter Pure White'

    Like it’s pink and mauve relations, this family of scabious are extraordinarily long-flowerers, from mid spring to late autumn. They are must-have, long, light performers — just choose which colour according to your colour scheme.

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    Tulip 'Apricot Foxx' and Wallflower 'Sunset Bronze Shades' F1

    A glorious combination, growing here in one of our large, old water troughs from the farm, but ideal for any pot or front of border. The centre of ‘Apricot Foxx’ matches the crème caramel colouring of the deliciously fragrant wallflower ‘Sunset Bronze Shades’. This was a top-class…

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    Tulip 'Cairo' and Erysimum 'Bowles Mauve'

    A dazzling, jewel-like mixture of the fragrant top-performing Tulip ‘Cairo’ growing up through a carpet of amethyst ‘Bowles Mauve’; two garden classics in one triumphant combination. This duo will put on a show, not just for one year, but with this short-lived perennial wallflower and…

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    Wallflower 'Ruby Gem'

    We loved this beautiful colour form of wallflower in our trials in spring 2018, so perfectly picking up on many of our favourite tulip colours. It matches the double, glossy Tulip ‘Antraciet’, and is beautiful in contrast to scented, towering ‘Ballerina’. It’s a great new addition to the…

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    Tulip 'Vovos' and 'La Belle Epoque' with Wallflower 'Sunset Apricot' F1

    Absolutely my favourite tulip and wallflower combination, with the extraordinary exotic beauty, Tulip ‘Vovos’, with our all-time favourite, Tulip ‘La Belle Epoque’. Their colours matched by Erysimum ‘Sunset Apricot’, which excelled in our wallflower trials in 2017. This is unparalleled…