For Shade and Ground Cover

For Shade and Ground Cover

All of these plants will do very well in part or full shade, and in moist but well-drained soil.
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    Hepatica nobilis

    The easiest of all Hepatica to establish in your garden. Like an earlier, blue version of a wood anemone, it will thrive in Part Shade and naturalises well.

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    Euphorbia amygdaloides var. robbiae

    Euphorbia amygdaloides is a completely invaluable plant for growing in a shady spot to brighten up a dark corner and for picking – by the bucket – for all your spring vases of flowers. We'd be lost without this in the cutting garden. If I was only allowed to take one group of ornamental…

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    Amethyst and Lime Collection for Shade

    A low-maintenance autumn to spring, long-performing small pot collection. The beautiful purple viola with evergreen fern contrast with cascades of acid-green, evergreen Carex. This will thrive in sun or dappled shade on your outdoor winter table, doorstep, window box or window ledge. This…

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    Asplenium scolopendrium

    This Hart's Tongue fern is a beautiful texture, colour and shape, and provides all-year interest.

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    Chimonanthus praecox

    Wintersweet is an absolute favourite because it smells more delicious and uplifting than any other flower at any time of year, and, on top of that, finding such a gem in your garden in January is quite extraordinary. The bush is discreetly nondescript, hardy and so easy to grow, so try to find room…

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    Daphne odora 'Marianni'

    Elegant variegated foliage to add some brightness to your shade and it gives you spectacularly scented flowers from January to April. Plant with Daphne 'Eternal Fragrance' so you can have a sprig of daphne by your bed for most of the year.

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    Evergreen Compact Container Collection

    An evergreen autumn to spring, long-performing pot collection. You have a beautiful two tone purple viola, with bugle and evergreen fern which perform well in sun or dappled shade. Perfect on your outdoor winter or spring table, doorstep, window box or window ledge. This collection contains: 5…

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    Long-Lasting Pot Collection

    A carefully chosen selection of plants to give you, not a peak of performance, but a hugely long, quieter show, looking good from the start of autumn until at least the end of spring with soft, autumnal-coloured leaves and a scattering of wallflower spikes for many months. Soft, pretty, scented and…

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    Polyanthus 'Stella Champagne' F1

    Soft-coloured, curvy petalled, luscious textured perennial polyanthus which I had on my doorstep and LOVED all spring. Plant it in dappled shade with hellebores or grow it in a container, to reappear early every spring.

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    Polyanthus 'Stella Neon Violet' F1

    The most luscious purple velvet polyanthus we found last year. I love this as a doorstep or outdoor tabletop pot for flowering from February until early May. I also cut the odd stem to bring inside.

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    Polyanthus 'Stella Pink Champagne' F1

    A pretty, silver, smoky pink polyanthus which flowered all spring in our trials last year. This is good as a pot plant, and lovely as a delicate cut flower.

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    Polyanthus 'Stella Scarlet Pimpernel' F1

    A new F1 polyanthus with a plateaux of the richest red velvet flowers from late winter, all through spring. This is perfect as an outdoor tabletop pot plant and can come in for under cover holidays. I pick stems from this too to arrange as single stems.

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    Pulmonaria 'Sissinghurst'

    The best of the pure white pulmonarias, which flowers all spring. It has elegant dappled silver foliage too, which is evergreen in many gardens, so it is the perfect plant for lightening up a dark corner as this thrives in light shade.

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    Sarcococca hookeriana 'Winter Gem'

    This is a plant that you'll sniff out before you've seen it – with a beautiful jasmine scent which wafts around the garden in mid winter. It thrives in the shade.

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    Saxifraga umbrosa

    Classic cottage garden ‘True London Pride’, at its best lining a path to your door, or with individual plants in small terracotta pots in a line down an outdoor table or in an autumn to spring window box. I love this tough, reliable, endlessly flowery plant for cheering me through much of…

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    Viburnum x bodnantense 'Dawn'

    A shrub that reminds me of my parents’ garden as a child, where this flowered all the way through from November to March, filling its corner of the garden with incredible perfume. My mother always picked sprigs for little glasses on the kitchen table, so we would have the scent inside too. A…

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    Viola cornuta 'Red Blotch' F1

    Despite the snow, then rain, then blazing heat, this just flowered and flowered last spring. We all absolutely loved it.

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    Viola x wittrockiana 'Frizzle Sizzle Yellow Blue Swirl' F1

    Purple-blue with a burgundy-yellow centre, these silk velvet flowers have frilled edges and even indented leaves.

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    Viola x wittrockiana 'Matrix Sangria' F1

    Huge, deep burgundy blooms with a yellow halo around a dark centre, and short, strong stems which won't flop as much as other varieties.

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    Cyclamen persicum 'Blanc Pur'

    I love the small-headed cyclamen particularly as winter houseplants, which look like cyclamen I’ve found wild in Crete - simpler, more natural, beautiful and still showy. This pure white variety will produce a flower for every leaf, to brighten the dark autumn and winter days, and is equally at…

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    Cyclamen persicum 'Fantasia Rouge'

    The great thing about these mini cyclamen is they’re hugely floriferous – every leaf produces a flower and they make colourful and reliable winter houseplants. Place them on a cool window ledge or bright but cool table and these flower and flower from autumn. They’re equally at home in the…

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    Cyclamen persicum 'Rouge Ecarlate'

    I love the small-headed cyclamen particularly as winter houseplants, which look like cyclamen I’ve found wild in Crete - simpler, more natural, beautiful and still showy. This is another hugely floriferous variety with a flower produced for every leaf, providing much-needed autumn and winter…

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