Cut Flowers

Cut Flowers

These will look great in the garden – keep cutting and they will produce vases of fantastic flowers.
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    Amethyst and Sapphire Cut Flower Mix

    For a jewel-like mix of flowers outside and inside, scatter these in a sunny corner of your garden to pick for the house. The anchusa and salvia provide the lower storey, (45cm, 18in) the cornflower and verbena, the upper (1.5m, 59in). The seed mix contains: Anchusa 'Blue Angel' (Alkinet) Centaurea…

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    Liatris spicata 'Kobold'

    A classic late summer and autumn flowering perennial which is on the rise in popularity, championed by prairie-style designers for its architectural form and long garden presence, foliage and flowers. The bottlebrush blooms make excellent cut flowers too.

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    Nigella hispanica

    Nigella hispanica has the most spectacular flowers of the nigella family, with deep purple-blue petals and crimson seed pods. One of my top favourite plants. Nigellas are the classic cottage garden annual which makes fabulous cut flowers and filler foliage for any vase. They dry brilliantly too.

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    Nigella papillosa 'African Bride'

    Nigella papillosa 'African Bride' is a very glamorous flower. Like Nigella hispanica, its beautiful flowers are followed by equally dramatic and beautiful seed pods. I love 10 or 15 stems of this on their own in a simple jug or a rosemary covered jam jar. Nigellas are the classic cottage garden…

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    Super-Speedy Cut Flower Collection

    A beautiful mix of soft, slightly faded tapestry colours and a record breaker in speed from planting to flower, to fill your house with arrangements in 6-8 weeks time. The seed collection includes one packet of each variety and the seedling collection includes 5 or 10 seedlings each of the below: …

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    Ammi and Larkspur Collection

    As Vita Sackville-West said, with a dome you need minarets. So with ammi, a vertical spire of something like larkspur. These complement each other brilliantly in terms of design. This special offer contains: Ammi visnaga Larkspur 'Mauve'

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    Blue Mojito Collection

    One of the very best colour combinations as the lime provides the essential sharpener to the blues and mauves for marvellous, zingy bunches for months at a stretch. This collection contains 5 or 10 seedlings each of: Ageratum 'Blue Horizon' Nicotiana 'Lime Green'

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    Cerinthe and Eschscholzia Collection

    The stunning contrast of tangerine-orange with blue-black makes these perfect partners. Will self-sow. This collection contains 5 or 10 seedlings each of: Eschscholzia californica 'Orange King' – a tall, tangerine Californian poppy with delicate, silvery foliage. A perfect garden plant for…

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    Consolida ajacis 'Misty Lavender'

    A sultry, smoky new form of this invaluable and reliable cut flower. It mixes well with any colour and lasts brilliantly in a vase. You can dry it too by hanging it upside down. It makes excellent natural confetti.

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    Nigella 'Persian Jewels' Mix

    Lovely as a soft colour jumble in a vase and picked as individual colours – pink, mauve, blue and white to match with other things. A very cheery addition to your flower border or cutting garden.

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    Ranunculus Collection

    The petal edge of the bicolour, crinkled 'Friandine White Picotee' matches the rich crimson black flowers of 'Pauline Violet', making this the perfect pairing in a spring container or vase. This collection contains 10 claws or 5 jumbo seedlings each of: Ranunculus a

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    Ranunculus asiaticus 'Friandine Rose Picotee'

    The very best mix of colours: warm apricot, primrose and on every petal, a burgundy edge. Truly beautiful.

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    Scabiosa stellata 'Sternkugel'

    Grow this variety of scabious for its glamorous, papery globe seed heads which are beautiful and delicate fresh, but also dry. You can spray them lightly with hairspray to make them more robust. Self-seed gently at the front of a border from one year to the next.

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    Tropaeolum minus 'Tip Top Apricot' (Nasturtium)

    Beautiful decorating salads and picked for a vase, trailing out the side of an urn, or single stems arranged in mini milk bottles, this soft and rich coloured nasturtium tastes great too.

Cut Flower Seedlings at Sarah Raven

We’ve done the tricky bit in making sure the seeds germinate and are beginning to grow, good and strong, so all you have to do is put your cut flower plants in the ground. Your cut flower garden seedlings come with full planting instructions and they are sent out as soon as they are ready to go in the ground.

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