Cut Flower Collections

Cut Flower Collections

These collections will look great in the garden - keep cutting and they will produce vases of fantastic flowers.
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    Pastel Poppy Mix

    A beautiful, soft, romantic mix of long-vase-life, long-flowering, huge-headed Iceland poppies.

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    Rudbeckia hirta 'Sahara'

    My favourite 2015 seed trial discovery, a beautiful mix of soft colour rudbeckias which flower well, right on into late autumn – passionately recommended.

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    Summer Flowering Delphinium Collection

    Photographed in my friend the florist Juliet Glaves's flower field, I fell on this soft and smokey colour combination of delphiniums last June. This collection contains 1 plant each of: Delphinium 'Magic Fountains Cherry Blossom' Delphiniu

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    Super-Speedy Cut Flower Collection

    A beautiful mix of soft, slightly faded tapestry colours and a record breaker in speed from planting to flower, to fill your house with arrangements in 6-8 weeks time. The seed collection includes one packet of each variety and the seedling collection includes 5 or 10 seedlings each of the below: …

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    The Carmine Cosmos Collection

    Handfuls of crumpled magenta silk, studded with dashes of white and gold – this duo flowers prolifically all summer and autumn, making a splendid border and cut flower pair. This collection contains 1 packet each of:

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    The Classic Countryside Collection

    Lovely saucer flowers of the shell-pink lavatera and green tobacco amidst a plateau of ammi lace - this reminds me of our lanesides in May. This collection contains: 1 jumbo seedling of Lavatera trimestris 'New Dwarf Pink Blush'

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    The Misty Lavender Collection

    Smoky, soft, sophisticated and elegant – this is a swoony mix with the larkspur and scabious joined by the phlox in mid summer. Keep picking and they'll keep flowering. The seed collection contains 1 packet each of:

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    The Taj Mahal Collection

    A perfect, pure white pollinator and cut flower combination. The Malope blooms early and the Cosmos continues flowering late, so this duo will keep you, the butterflies and bees happy all summer and autumn. This collection contains 1 packet each of:

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    Ultimate Cosmos Mix

    Our bestselling cosmos in a fabulous mix. Choose one mixed packet of 100 seeds, or 5 or 10 seedlings each of the following varieties:

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    White Cosmos Collection

    The semi-double flowers of ‘Psyche White’ and the large, open flowers of ‘Purity’ make a winning combination of pure, crisp white. Grow them together for vases full of flowers all summer long. This collection contains 5 or 10 seedlings each of: