Cut Flowers

Cut Flowers

These will look great in the garden – keep cutting and they will produce vases of fantastic flowers.
12 products
  1. Calendula officinalis 'Indian Prince'

    Starting at £1.95

    Available as 5 jumbo seedlings

  2. Helleborus x sahinii 'Winter Bells'

    Starting at £10.95

    Available as 1 x 2 litre plant

  3. Nigella damascena 'Persian Jewels Mix'

    Starting at £1.95

    Available as 20 seedlings, 40 seedlings

  4. Anethum graveolens (Dill)

    Starting at £1.95

    Available as 750 seeds

  5. Calendula officinalis 'Snow Princess'

    Starting at £2.25

    Available as 75 seeds

  6. Currently unavailable
    Collomia grandiflora Collomia grandiflora
    Collomia grandiflora

    Starting at £6.25

  7. Consolida 'Giant Imperial Mixed'

    Starting at £1.95

    Available as 300 seeds

  8. Currently unavailable
    Eschscholzia californica 'Orange King' Eschscholzia californica 'Orange King'
    Eschscholzia californica 'Orange King'

    Starting at £1.95

  9. Eschscholzia californica 'Thai Silk Formula Mixture'

    Starting at £2.50

    Available as 200 seeds

  10. Currently unavailable
    Papaver dubium ssp. lecoquii var. albiflorum
    Papaver dubium ssp. lecoquii var. albiflorum

    Starting at £8.95

  11. Ridolfia segetum

    Starting at £1.95

    Available as 500 seeds

  12. Scabiosa stellata 'Sternkugel'

    Starting at £1.95

    Available as 50 seeds

Cut Flower Plants at Sarah Raven

We’ve done the tricky bit in making sure the seeds germinate and are beginning to grow, good and strong, so all you have to do is put your cut flower plants in the ground. Your cut flower garden plants come with full planting instructions and they are sent out as soon as they are ready to go in the ground.

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