Cut Flower Collections

Cut Flower Collections

These collections will look great in the garden - keep cutting and they will produce vases of fantastic flowers.
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    Amethyst and Sapphire Cut Flower Mix

    A jewel-like mix to grow in a sunny patch and pick for the house. The anchusa and salvia provide the lower storey, the cornflower and verbena the upper, and all three are rich in nectar and pollen. The seed mix contains: Anchusa 'Blue Angel' (Alkinet) Centaurea 'Blue Boy' (Cornflower) Verbena…

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    Ammi and Larkspur Collection

    As Vita Sackville-West said, with a dome you need minarets. So with ammi, a vertical spire of something like larkspur. These complement each other brilliantly in terms of design. This special offer contains: Ammi visnaga Larkspur 'Mauve'

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    Bicolour Sweet Pea Collection

    A beautifully scented, bicolour trio which are marvellous growing together in the garden and in the vase. The seed collection contains 1 packet each of: Sweet Pea 'Erewhon'

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    Blue Mojito Collection

    The lime provides the essential sharpener to the blues and mauves for marvellous, zingy bunches for months at a stretch - one of the very best colour combinations. This collection contains 1 seed packet, 5 or 10 seedlings, or 5 jumbo seedlings each of: Ageratum houstonianum 'Blue Horizon'

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    Blue Sweet Pea Collection

    I love this unusual collection of blue sweet peas, encompassing shades from soft mauve to turquoise and lilac through to deep purple. All these have good scent and make a glorious garden and vase combination. The seed collection contains a mix of:

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    The Misty Lavender Collection

    Smoky, soft, sophisticated and elegant – this is a swoony mix with the larkspur and scabious joined by the phlox in mid summer. Keep picking and they'll keep flowering. The seed collection contains 1 packet each of:

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    The Ultimate Sweet Pea Collection

    A wonderful selection of all the best long-stemmed, strongly scented varieties.

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    Venetian Sweet Pea Mix

    Our exclusive collection of Venetian, rich-dark coloured sweet peas. The seed packet contains a mix of three old-fashioned, highly scented varieties whilst the seedling collection includes 4 or 8 seedlings each of: Sweet Pea 'Black Knight'

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    Vintage Silk Sweet Pea Mix

    Grow and pick these three – hugely powerfully scented varieties of sweet pea. Our exclusive seed mix includes: Sweet Pea 'Cupani' Sweet Pea 'Lilac Ripple' Sweet Pea 'Hi-Scent'

Cut Flower Collections at Sarah Raven

All our cut flower collections have been carefully chosen by Sarah and trialled in the gardens at Perch Hill to ensure that we bring you the very best quality. With our collections you can grow buckets of flowers all summer long. Buy your plants and seedlings online from us and have them delivered right to your door.

Our cut flower collections often include varieties you can’t buy anywhere else, grown exclusively for us in our Lincolnshire nursery. We’ve done the tricky part in making sure the seeds germinate, all you have to do is put the plants in the ground. Fill your beds, borders and vases with cut flowers, once you’ve started you’ll be hooked.

If you prefer to choose your own planting combinations, take a look at our wide range of single cut flower varieties. Don’t forget, if you are making a mixed arrangement you’ll need foliage and background flower fillers too, not just full on bride-like blooms!

Growing & Arranging Your Own Cut Flowers

We have a huge range of different types of cut flowers you can choose from, including popular cut flowers like cosmos, sweet peas, zinnias and dahlias. Each are perfect for cutting to produce beautiful vases of flowers again and again. Our plants and seedlings also come with full planting and care instructions.

For tips on arranging cut flowers, we have a guide giving you the basics of cut flower arrangement, along with advice on how to make a vase of cut flowers last longer. To learn even more about growing your own cut flowers, come along to one of Sarah’s cutting garden courses.