Cut Flower Collections

Cut Flower Collections

These collections will look great in the garden - keep cutting and they will produce vases of fantastic flowers.
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    Café au Lait Dahlia Collection

    The vast dinner plate flowers of 'Café au Lait' fills almost every creative florists Instagram and rightly so, with its flowers morphing from ivory to peach and coffee to cream. Best with a zap of shape and colour contrast from 'Henriette'. This is THE crowd pleaser. This collection includes…

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    Flamboyant Dahlia Collection

    You've got to see these to believe them – the VAST and incredible 'Emory Paul', with mini 'Zippity Do Da' at the other end of the scale – a truly flamboyant, flamingo collection. This collection contains 1 or 2 tubers each of:

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    Rubens Dahlia Collection

    A super-sumptuous, curvy collection of dahlias in soft natural colours, with just enough contrast between them to make the group sing. Due to a crop shortage, we have replaced Dahlia 'Linda's Baby with Dahlia 'Burlesca' in the tuber collections. The plant collection remains unchanged. This…

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    Strawberries and Cream Dahlia Collection

    All the colours of the very best of high summer puddings: strawberries, meringues and cream, especially if you really mash the strawberries and stir them all in so the colours bleed. What could be nicer for a summer vase? Due to a crop shortage, we have replaced Dahlia 'Linda's Baby' with Dahlia…

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    Venetian Dahlia Collection

    An incredible collection of eight dahlias exclusively put together by Sarah. This collection will provide wonderful colours in the garden, and if you keep picking them, each tuber will give you hundreds of flowers to arrange from early July through to November. This collection contains: Dahlia…

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    William Morris Dahlia Collection

    I love a William Morris wallpaper, and with these dahlias, I had one in my garden last year. They flowered July-November. Unbeatable. This collection contains:

Cut Flower Collections at Sarah Raven

All our cut flower collections have been carefully chosen by Sarah and trialled in the gardens at Perch Hill to ensure that we bring you the very best quality. With our collections you can grow buckets of flowers all summer long. Buy your plants and seedlings online from us and have them delivered right to your door.

Our cut flower collections often include varieties you can’t buy anywhere else, grown exclusively for us in our Lincolnshire nursery. We’ve done the tricky part in making sure the seeds germinate, all you have to do is put the plants in the ground. Fill your beds, borders and vases with cut flowers, once you’ve started you’ll be hooked.

If you prefer to choose your own planting combinations, take a look at our wide range of single cut flower varieties. Don’t forget, if you are making a mixed arrangement you’ll need foliage and background flower fillers too, not just full on bride-like blooms!

Growing & Arranging Your Own Cut Flowers

We have a huge range of different types of cut flowers you can choose from, including popular cut flowers like cosmos, sweet peas, zinnias and dahlias. Each are perfect for cutting to produce beautiful vases of flowers again and again. Our plants and seedlings also come with full planting and care instructions.

For tips on arranging cut flowers, we have a guide giving you the basics of cut flower arrangement, along with advice on how to make a vase of cut flowers last longer. To learn even more about growing your own cut flowers, come along to one of Sarah’s cutting garden courses.