Container Plants

Container Plants

No garden is complete without pots for colour at any time of year. Choose from our range of beautiful collections and single varieties.
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  1. Tulip 'Apricot Foxx' and Wallflower 'Sunset Bronze Shades' F1


    Available as bulb and jumbo seedling collection

  2. Currently unavailable
    Geranium maderense
    Geranium maderense


  3. Currently unavailable
    Oxalis tetraphylla 'Iron Cross'
    Oxalis tetraphylla 'Iron Cross'

    Starting at £4.95

  4. Paint Box Cut Flower Collection

    Starting at £14.95

    Available as 2 packets of seed

Flower Plants for Containers at Sarah Raven

These container plants are chosen as the longest -flowering, and for colour, scent and texture.