Container Plants

Container Plants

No garden is complete without pots for colour at any time of year. Choose from our range of beautiful collections and single varieties.
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    Erigeron karvinskianus

    Have you got some steps, paths or walls you want softening with curtains of daisies? That's exactly what this wonderful plant – Erigeron karvinskianus – is for. It flowers for about nine months of the year and gently self-sows into all the nooks and crannies. A brilliant value plant…

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    Forever Flowering Pot Collection

    Soft pink, large-flowered argyranthemum flowers on and off all year, often coming into its own in late summer and flowering on through winter. It contrasts beautifully with the fine-leaved, compact artemisia. This collection includes 5 or 10 rooted cuttings, or 3 plants each of: Argyranthemum…

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    Salvia x Jamensis 'Nachtvlinder'

    My favourite of all the tender perennial salvias we have in our rose garden, underplanting the roses to protect them from fungal diseases – Blackspot and Mildew – and it's working! It flowers from June to November and is always busy with honey and bumblebees. Highly recommended.

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    Argyranthemum frutescens 'Grandaisy Deep Red'

    Argyranthemum 'Grandaisy Deep Red' has rich pink-carmine flowers and silvery green leaves. It is excellent in a pot on its own or adding a zap of jewel like colour with other things. These jewel-coloured argyranthemums flower continually for at least five (or even six) months on minimal TLC.

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    Pelargonium 'Attar of Roses'

    Pelargonium 'Attar of Roses' has pretty pale pink flowers and an amazing rose scent. It also lasts brilliantly in a vase. We had this lining a path at Perch Hill this year and it looked good outside through summer, autumn and for most of winter. Our pelargoniums: come with full planting…

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    Pelargonium 'Aldwyck'

    A reliable, trouble-free variety with magenta-purple flowers, feathered black.

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    Pelargonium 'Australian Mystery'

    Pelargonium 'Australian Mystery' has pure white flowers with rich contrasting purple wings, a bright and pretty splash of white in amongst the rest. Our pelargoniums: come with full planting instructions, great for beginners are ready to pot on and plant out as soon as the frosts are over in your…

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    Pelargonium 'Mystery'

    Pelargonium 'Mystery' has the most beautiful velvet deep red flowers, centred black-crimson with lovely brilliant-green leaves too. A perfect foil to the flowers in a container or a vase. One of my favourites. Our pelargoniums: come with full planting instructions, great for beginners are ready to…

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    Pelargonium 'Lara Starshine'

    Famously one of the best and longest flowering lemon-scented leaf pelargonium, with bright pink, pretty flowers till December.

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    Pelargonium 'Lord Bute'

    Pelargonium 'Lord Bute' has sumptuous, deep crimson, velvet flowers with handsome leaves. Ideal for bedding or containers and flowers until the frosts. Our pelargoniums: come with full planting instructions, great for beginners are ready to pot on and plant out as soon as the frosts are over in…

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    Scented Purple Pot Collection

    This is the perfect trio in a pot, with a thriller (Pelargonium 'Attar of Roses'), a spiller (Buddleia 'Dreaming Purple') and a filler (Heliotrope 'Midnight Sky'), to give you a scented spot anywhere sunny in the garden. The young plant collection contains:

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    Antique Silver Container Collection

    The perfect duo for a winter-into-spring table centre or windowbox - both these plants are hardy and classy to cheer you along through the dark, early months of the year. This collection contains:

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    Daphne × transatlantica 'Eternal Fragrance'

    A brilliant daphne which does not get too big and comes into flower as the others finish to give you the most humungously scented flowers from mid-spring to autumn. This is one to plant by the doorstep so you pass it as often as possible.

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    Evergreen Compact Container Collection

    An evergreen autumn to spring, long-performing pot collection. You have a beautiful two tone purple viola, with bugle and evergreen fern which perform well in sun or dappled shade. Perfect on your outdoor winter or spring table, doorstep, window box or window ledge. This collection contains: 5…

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    Geranium maderense

    A truly magnificent huge and flowing geranium from Madeira, which makes one of the best pot plants for inside or out, and will self sow.

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    Hylotelephium telephium 'Xenox Yellow'

    An unusual colour form with peach-apricot flowers offset by dark plum foliage, this sedum is low-growing, drought tolerant plant which will add interest to borders through to autumn. After flowering, leave some of the seedheads intact – the birds love them.

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    Long-Lasting Pot Collection

    A carefully chosen selection of plants to give you, not a peak of performance, but a hugely long, quieter show, looking good from the start of autumn until at least the end of spring with soft, autumnal-coloured leaves and a scattering of wallflower spikes for many months. Soft, pretty, scented and…

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    Long-Lasting Terracotta Collection

    We’ve been developing our low-maintenance, long-performing autumn to spring container collections to have choices for those that want to give things with minimal TLC required. Here’s another success story from our trials; an evergreen fern, sedge and scented wallflower for your outdoor winter…

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    Pelargonium 'King Edmund'

    I was given a cutting of Pelargonium 'King Edmund' from Newby Hall in Yorkshire 3 years ago and adore this form – black crimson and magenta together in a flower. Very rich, exotic and gorgeous. Our pelargoniums: come with full planting instructions, great for beginners are ready to pot on and…

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    Pelargonium 'Sweet Mimosa'

    Delicate soft pink pelargonium with deliciously lemon and rose-scented leaves. My current favourite.

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    Pelargonium sidoides

    Pelargonium sidoides is a species pelargonium with small, crimson-black flowers and a silver leaf. It is delicate and exquisite, an essential favourite of mine. Our pelargoniums come with full planting instructions, great for beginners and are ready to pot on and plant out as soon as the frosts are…

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    Tulip 'Apricot Foxx' and Wallflower 'Sunset Bronze Shades' F1

    A glorious combination, growing here in one of our large, old water troughs from the farm, but ideal for any pot or front of border. The centre of ‘Apricot Foxx’ matches the crème caramel colouring of the deliciously fragrant wallflower ‘Sunset Bronze Shades’. This was a top-class…

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    Tulip 'Cairo' and Erysimum 'Bowles Mauve'

    A dazzling, jewel-like mixture of the fragrant top-performing Tulip ‘Cairo’ growing up through a carpet of amethyst ‘Bowles Mauve’; two garden classics in one triumphant combination. This duo will put on a show, not just for one year, but with this short-lived perennial wallflower and…

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These container plants are chosen as the longest -flowering, and for colour, scent and texture.