Container Plants

Container Plants

No garden is complete without pots for colour at any time of year. Choose from our range of beautiful collections and single varieties.
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    Dianthus 'Black Jack'

    One of my favourite flowers for scented containers, terrace or path edges and for picking. This rich crimson edged with white dianthus has a magnificent and powerful clove-like scent.

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    Dianthus 'Mojito'

    From the very long-flowering, highly scented new 'Cocktail' series of dianthus that we trialled and were impressed by at Perch Hill last year. They are compact, so ideal for table centre pots and windowledges and brilliant for picking. 'Mojito' is fresh, sprightly and deliciously scented with a…

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    Diascia personata

    This is the diascia which won me over to this family with simple, open-faced, mini, almost foxglove-like spires. This variety is reilably perennial if given frost protection and flowers for six months. We now use it in our borders as well as pots - hugely recommended.

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    Osteospermum 'Serenity Red'

    I brought a pot of this back from Greece in 2015 and fell in love with its rich coloured velvet flowers, so easy to mix with other things and bold enough in a pot on its own.

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    Fuchsia triphylla 'Eruption'

    You'll have rich coral pink hanging bells on matching stems all summer and autumn with this classy triphylla fuchsia. It's easy to strike cuttings and so continue it for beautiful, strong-coloured containers from one year to the next.

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    Salvia 'Ember's Wish'

    Many of us already know and love Salvia 'Love and Wishes'. This is its brand new relation, the colours of glowing embers, flowering longer than almost anything else in our garden and great for containers too. Take cuttings or store frost-free for the following year.

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    Dianthus 'Tequila Sunrise'

    From the very long-flowering, highly scented new 'Cocktail' series of dianthus that we trialled and were impressed by at Perch Hill last year. They are compact, so ideal for table centre pots and windowledges and brilliant for picking. 'Tequila Sunrise' is a soft pink variety with lovely buff-pink…

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    Osteospermum '3D Purple'

    Whorls of petals like a November 5th Catherine wheel, this flowers all summer and autumn with (honestly) minimal TLC.

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    Osteospermum 'Serenity Rose Magic'

    A delicious coral osteospermum, with a faint purple halo at the centre of the flower. Hugely long-flowering and reliable. Early in the season the flowers are pale, almost peach in appearance, then as the season progresses and the plants have been exposed to more UV light, new blooms emerge in a…

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    Pelargonium 'Regalia Chocolate'

    An exceptional upright variety producing masses of dark, chocolatey purple, semi-double flowers throughout the summer into early autumn. A perfect choice for a summer container.

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    Plectranthus ciliatus 'Nico'

    Excellent cascading from a large pot, this has large, dark green leaves with unusually pronounced deep purple veins. It’s a vigorous variety which would also do well as a ground cover annual, forming a dense carpet in the border.

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    Polyanthus 'Victorian Lilac Lace' F1

    A lookalike of gold-laced polyanthus, but a newly-bred F1 to be earlier and more prolific, flowering from the start of spring. A lovely cut and edible flower too.

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    Verbena bonariensis 'Lollipop'

    We all know and love the towering purple Verbena bonariensis. This is its newly bred, container sized offspring.

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    Osteospermum 'Erato Compact Blue'

    A unique and unusual blue osteospermum – long flowering and easy to grow.

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    Pelargonium 'Clorinda'

    The quickest growing and largest pelargonium we grow which will flower from February under cover. We are currently training this on a 6ft high frame in our greenhouse.

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    Pelargonium 'Orsett'

    One of the earliest pelargoniums to flower with us, unusually blooming massively from June and in sunny years, even earlier. Its leaves are strongly scented too.

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    Helichrysum microphyllum 'Silver Mist'

    This dwarf curry plant is a tender perennial herb which also makes a useful foliage plant. Its silver-hued leaves are excellent for offsetting stronger colours in containers or in the front of a border. As its common name suggests, it does have a highly distinctive scent. It's very drought…

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    Pelargonium 'Chocolate Peppermint'

    A scented-leaf pelargonium you grow not just for its flowers but for its marvellous leaves, felted bright green with chocolate markings. It smells great and looks hugely handsome in a pot or vase.

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    Senecio cineraria 'Cirrus'

    A new found favourite container and cut flower foliage which looks bright and sparky for at least a 6 month stretch.

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    Eschscholzia californica 'Thai Silk Formula Mixture'

    These are THE ruffled silk poppies, a beautiful mix of oranges, pinks, reds and cream above elegant blue-silver, highly cut leaves. They will self-seed at the front of the border and through impoverished gravel where we have them at Perch Hill. A showy, glamorous new introduction.

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    Pelargonium 'Precision Burgundy Red'

    I fell on this trailing, ivy-leaved geranium outside a taverna in the Amari Valley in Crete. It's plush and velvety and yet not sombre and I absolutely love it.

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    Gazania 'New Day Bronze Shades' F1

    This flowered for five months in our trial in 2016, then in 2017, started to flower again from spring. It's hard to beat for colour on your outdoor table.

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    Crimson Perennial Pot Collection

    The calyx of this wonderful salvia matches the heart of the scented pelargonium leaves to crown a low maintenance pot for all of summer and autumn. We loved this pairing so much we redid it last summer adding in trailing Thunbergia 'African Sunset' in alternate pots; a great success too.

Flower Plants for Containers at Sarah Raven

These container plants are chosen as the longest -flowering, and for colour, scent and texture.