Container Plants

Container Plants

No garden is complete without pots for colour at any time of year. Choose from our range of beautiful collections and single varieties.
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    Salvia x Jamensis 'Nachtvlinder'

    My favourite of all the tender perennial salvias we have in our rose garden, underplanting the roses to protect them from fungal diseases – Blackspot and Mildew – and it's working! It flowers from June to November and is always busy with honey and bumblebees. Highly recommended.

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    Diascia personata

    This is the diascia which won me over to this family with simple, open-faced, mini, almost foxglove-like spires. This variety is reilably perennial if given frost protection and flowers for six months. We now use it in our borders as well as pots - hugely recommended.

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    Fuchsia triphylla 'Eruption'

    You'll have rich coral pink hanging bells on matching stems all summer and autumn with this classy triphylla fuchsia. It's easy to strike cuttings and so continue it for beautiful, strong-coloured containers from one year to the next.

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    Salvia 'Love and Wishes'

    I love this plant for its very long flowering season and the beautiful contrast between the calyx and its velvet flower. I had this planted in a container with Lonicera Chic-et-Choc and it was triumphant.

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    Rhodochiton atrosanguineus (Purple Bells)

    Beautiful elegant hanging bells – including the clanger – in the richest purple.

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    Pelargonium 'Chocolate Peppermint'

    A scented-leaf pelargonium you grow not just for its flowers but for its marvellous leaves, felted bright green with chocolate markings. It smells great and looks hugely handsome in a pot or vase.

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    Arctotis x hybrida 'Flame'

    Arctotis are easy, reliable plants that flower with minimal TLC from mid-summer to the first frost. This one gives brilliant, fiery colour and works well in a large pot, or lined up down a path or up some steps.

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    Salvia guaranitica 'Black and Bloom'

    We are massive fans of the rich blue Salvia 'Amistad' here, but use this frost-hardy variety in our exposed and colder spots, it survives a more brutal climate.

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    Tulbaghia violacea

    So-called 'Society Garlic' is one of the prettiest and best summer edible flowers, with a garlic flavour but no aftertaste. It's very drought resistant and makes a great container or front of border filler.

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    Salvia 'Amistad'

    If I was only allowed to take one plant to a desert island, this would be in the running. It flowers May to November with petals cut from silk velvet. It is unfussy and easy to grow in a pot or border.

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    Osteospermum 'Akila White Purple Eye' F1

    Pure white, large daisy flowers with a lovely blue and purple eye.

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    Osteospermum 'Serenity Red'

    I brought a pot of this back from Greece in 2015 and fell in love with its rich coloured velvet flowers, so easy to mix with other things and bold enough in a pot on its own.

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    Salvia 'Ember's Wish'

    Many of us already know and love Salvia 'Love and Wishes'. This is its brand new relation, the colours of glowing embers, flowering longer than almost anything else in our garden and great for containers too. Take cuttings or store frost-free for the following year.

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    Felicia amelloides

    This is a Vita Sackville-West and Sissinghurst favourite for planting in prominent pots and corners, edging paths and crowning steps. I love it lined up in a series of pots for an outdoor table too. Very long-flowering.

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    Osteospermum 'Serenity Bronze'

    Osteospermum 'Serenity Bronze' has delicious bronze petals which morph to rich pink as they move to the centre of the flower around a deep crimson eye. This is a head-turner.

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    Osteospermum 'Serenity Rose Magic'

    A delicious coral osteospermum, with a faint purple halo at the centre of the flower. Hugely long-flowering and reliable. Early in the season the flowers are pale, almost peach in appearance, then as the season progresses and the plants have been exposed to more UV light, new blooms emerge in a…

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    Cleome hybrida 'Señorita Blanca'

    A compact, propagated from cuttings ethereal and elegant cleome, one of my favourite things for growing simply in a pot on its own or for the front of a pale colour border. This flowers right into winter.

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    Osteospermum 'Erato Compact Blue'

    A unique and unusual blue osteospermum – long flowering and easy to grow.

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    Salvia microphylla 'Trewithen Cerise'

    I'm obsessed by salvias – flowering from June to December in a sheltered spot with minimal TLC and you can't beat the cheery rich pink of the Cornish-bred 'Trewithen Cerise'.

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    Crimson Perennial Pot Collection

    The calyx of this wonderful salvia matches the heart of the scented pelargonium leaves to crown a low maintenance pot for all of summer and autumn. We loved this pairing so much we redid it last summer adding in trailing Thunbergia 'African Sunset' in alternate pots; a great success too.

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    Lavender multifida 'Spanish Eyes'

    Lavender 'Spanish Eyes' is a fast growing lavender with a mass of bright blue flowers and fern like scented leaves. I love this in containers, in the garden and picked for arranging.

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    Salvia involucrata 'Hadspen'

    This has shot into my top ten perennials and it is perennial with us in Sussex, reappearing even after the harsh winter of 2017/18. It starts to flower in July, when roses and many perennials are tiring and continues to do so prolifically until your first clobber frost. The pink flowers remind me…

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    Amethyst and Ruby Container Collection

    A marvellous doorstep or large living table centre pot, in jewel-like colours and velvet textures. Exceptionally long-flowering even without deadheading - highly recommended. This collection includes 5 rooted cuttings each of: Calibrachoa 'Cabaret 'Red' Cuphea llavea 'Torpedo' Verbena 'Showboat…

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These container plants are chosen as the longest -flowering, and for colour, scent and texture.