Container Plants

Container Plants

No garden is complete without pots for colour at any time of year. Choose from our range of beautiful collections and single varieties.
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    Agastache 'Kudos Mandarin'

    Pretty, aromatic and exceptionally long-flowering, this delicate-looking but quick-growing agastache (or hyssop) has become one of our favourite container perennials.

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    Dianthus 'Mojito'

    From the very long-flowering, highly scented new 'Cocktail' series of dianthus that we trialled and were impressed by at Perch Hill last year. They are compact, so ideal for table centre pots and windowledges and brilliant for picking. 'Mojito' is fresh, sprightly and deliciously scented with a…

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    Dianthus 'Sunflor Purple Wedding'

    Exquisite, mini English Garden Pink, with beautiful Catherine-wheel flowers in rich pink and crimson, with lovely fragrance. There’s no prettier living table centre; a row of these in mini pots in a line.

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    Dianthus Cocktail Collection

    From the very long-flowering, highly scented new 'Cocktail' series of dianthus that we trialled and were impressed by at Perch Hill last year. They are compact, so ideal for table centre pots and windowledges and brilliant for picking. This collection contains 1 young plant each of: Dianthus…

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    Dianthus x allwoodii 'Tequila Sunrise'

    We were impressed by these long-flowering, highly scented 'Cocktail' series that we trialled last year. They are compact, so ideal for table centre pots and window ledges and brilliant for picking. A soft pink variety with lovely buff-pink eyes and fantastic perfume.

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    Diascia 'Aurora Apricot'

    Pretty, delicate and yet robust and hugely long-flowering, this diascia is pretty much unparalleled in our container trials. Kept frost-free for winter. It’s perennial too.

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    Diascia Collection

    Often flowering all summer and autumn, this mix of soft apricot, ruby pink and white is fabulous bursting from containers and baskets, or planted along a path or front of border. These are three of the best perennial diascias around. This collection contains 3 plants each of: Diascia barberae 'Ruby…

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    Gaura lindheimeri 'Whiskers Deep Rose'

    Many of us know and love the white and soft pink gauras, but we’ve now fallen for this one at Perch Hill, equally long-flowering, pretty, easy and airy, with flowers in rich, deep pink, and foliage and stems washed with crimson.

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    Geum 'Mai Tai'

    All geums are invaluable for filling the May and early June colour gap in our gardens after the bulbs have finished and most perennials and roses have yet to get going. This is my favourite colour form, which I used throughout our Chelsea Cutting Garden last May.

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    Helleborus x ballardiae 'Merlin'

    This hellebore is incredible with beautiful dark, slate grey-green leaves and smoky pink flowers which gradually darken to crimson. With stem ends seared for 10 seconds it makes the BEST winter and spring cut flower too.

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    Paint Box Cut Flower Collection

    A triumphant duo of semi-tender perennials (they come back year after year in my Sussex garden) to line a path, edge a border, or fill a container, with flowers for a five-month stretch. They cut well too! The seed collection contains 1 packet each of: Dahlia variabilis 'Bishop's Children' Verbena…

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    Primula vulgaris 'Belarina Valentine Red'

    Buttonholes of crumpled crimson velvet, set against elegant, healthy bright green leaves. Keep picking or deadheading for table centre or window ledge flowers all spring.

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    Sarah's Favourite Pinks Collection

    For a small garden, buy one plant of each to flower all summer and autumn for years to come. I love pinks. I love their scent, their incredible vase life, and that their petals are edible, so you can decorate salads and puddings to your heart's content. This collection includes 1 or 3 young plants…

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    Scabiosa columbaria 'Flutter Rose Pink'

    This compact variety is perfect for pots. It is highly floriferous, producing bright pink pincushion flowers from April through to November, absolutely covered with bees.

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    Flamenco Pot Collection

    A hugely long-performing pot combination of spring 2018 and a favourite of mine and Josie's, the violas flowering much of winter, pierced through by tulips in spring. This collection contains:

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    Geranium 'Jolly Jewel Salmon'

    One of those lovely hardy geraniums which grows so easily and flowers on and off for so lng, you can keep dividing it to scatter around your borders, to edge paths and to flower up any grass verges or meadow bits of lawn. It's fairly new, but already well-known.

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    Polyanthus 'Stella Pink Champagne' F1

    A pretty, silver, smoky pink polyanthus which flowered all spring in our trials last year. This is good as a pot plant, and lovely as a delicate cut flower.

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    Polyanthus 'Stella Scarlet Pimpernel' F1

    A new F1 polyanthus with a plateaux of the richest red velvet flowers from late winter, all through spring. This is perfect as an outdoor tabletop pot plant and can come in for under cover holidays. I pick stems from this too to arrange as single stems.

Flower Plants for Containers at Sarah Raven

These container plants are chosen as the longest -flowering, and for colour, scent and texture.