A garden with climbers is a place that feels as though it has come into its own - a space that envelops you and makes you feel at home.
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  1. Jasmine officinale 'Clotted Cream'


    Available as 1 x 3 litre plant

  2. Currently unavailable
    Rose 'Madame Alfred Carrière'
    Rose 'Madame Alfred Carrière'


  3. Currently unavailable
    Rose 'Paul's Himalayan Musk' Rose 'Paul's Himalayan Musk'
    Rose 'Paul's Himalayan Musk'


  4. Currently unavailable
    Rose 'Rambling Rector'
    Rose 'Rambling Rector'


Flowering Climbing Plants at Sarah Raven

Transform a pergola or wall with wonderful flowering climbing plants, or be more adventurous and plant them through a tree. From roses and clematis to wisteria and jasmine; all our plant varieties are tried and tested in Sarah's garden at Perch Hill.