Flower Plants

Our plants are grown for us
by specialist nurseries,
to ensure that you get the best
perennials and exclusively grown
seedlings available.
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  1. Abundant Chrysanths Collection

    Starting at £7.22

    Available as cuttings, plants

  2. Acanthus mollis 'Rue Ledan'

    Starting at £5.50

  3. Acidanthera murielae (syn. Gladiolus)

    Starting at £2.95

  4. Aconitum napellus

    Starting at £4.95

  5. Actaea 'Pink Spire'

    Starting at £9.95

  6. Actaea 'White Pearl'

    Starting at £7.95

  7. Agapanthus 'Navy Blue' (syn. 'Midnight Star')

    Starting at £7.50

  8. Agapanthus 'Purple Cloud'

    Starting at £8.50

  9. Agapanthus 'White Heaven'

    Starting at £8.50

  10. Agastache 'Blue Fortune'

    Starting at £4.95

  11. Agastache 'Kudos Mandarine'

    Starting at £4.95

  12. Akebia quinata


  13. Alcea rosea 'Nigra'

    Starting at £4.95

  14. Alchemilla mollis

    Starting at £6.26

  15. Alstroemeria 'Apollo'

    Starting at £11.95

  16. Alstroemeria 'Charm'


  17. Alstroemeria 'Elvira'


  18. Alstroemeria 'Flaming Star'

    Starting at £11.95

  19. Alstroemeria 'Friendship'

    Starting at £11.95

  20. Alstroemeria 'Indian Summer'

    Starting at £11.95

  21. Alstroemeria 'Summer Snow'

    Starting at £11.95

  22. Alstroemeria 'Tessa'

    Starting at £11.95

  23. Alstroemeria Collection


Flower Plants & Seedlings at Sarah Raven

These are Sarah's all time favourite plants, strong growers and great performers which will look good in the garden for months at a stretch. These are the plants that she has seen and loved throughout her gardening life, grown herself at home, or been recommended to her by fellow gardeners.

Find out about what sort of size plants you can expect to receive, and the differences between plugs, seedlings, 9cm plants, 1 litre and 2 litre pots, by visiting our Guide to Plant Sizes.

All our plant varieties are tried and tested in Sarah's garden at Perch Hill.