Our tulips are the BIGGEST, best quality bulbs – pick your own colourful varieties from our wonderful selection
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  1. Tulip praestans 'Shogun'

    Starting at £3.96

    Available as 15 bulbs, 30 bulbs

  2. Tulip x hageri 'Little Princess'

    Starting at £5.85

    Available as 30 bulbs

Tulip Bulbs at Sarah Raven

Choose between different types of tulip bulbs – Viridaflora, Lily-flowered, Darwin Hybrids, Species, Peony-flowered, Parrots and Triumphs – to give your garden a much needed splash of colour next year.

I leave planting my tulip bulbs for as long as possible. A few decent frosts helps wipe out tulip blight spores which might be lingering from the previous spring. Wait until November if you can.

All our bulbs are top size and we only sell varieties which we have tried and tested at Perch Hill.