Other Spring Bulbs

Other Spring-Planting Bulbs

Planting bulbs in spring is easy and with a little care these will flower for years. We've trialled all of these in the garden at Perch Hill.
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    Hollywood Gladioli Collection

    A purposeful clash between scarlet 'Magma', the rich and velvety 'Espresso' and purple-black 'Belle de Nuit', in this new collection we trialled in 2016. It's glamorous, luscious and bright. This collection contains 15 corms each of: Gladiolus 'Belle de Nuit' Gladiolus 'Espresso' Gladiolus 'Magma'…

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    Velvet Gladioli Collection

    It's hard to beat this classy mixture of the three most superb textured and coloured gladioli. The corm collection includes 15 or 30 corms each of: Gladiolus 'Evergreen'

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    Blackcurrant Ripple Bulb Collection

    Jazz up the classic scented border and container gladiolus Acidanthera, with its matching, more open-faced cousin 'Adrienne'. This collection contains 15 or 30 bulbs each of: Acidanthera murielae (syn. Gladiolus) Gladiolus 'Adrienne'

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    Jewel Gladioli Collection

    There's a whole new generation of gladioli currently emerging in smoky, unusual, anything-but-garish colours. These are four favourites from our Perch Hill trials last summer. This collection contains 15 corms each of:

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    Perfect Petite Gladioli Collection

    I love dark velvet purple gladiolus but they can be a little sombre growing, or in a vase on their own. Here I've mixed some brightness and contrast into this collection of the smaller flowered, more delicate Flevos. This collection contains 15 corms each of:

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    Pure Silk Gladioli Collection

    I can never turn my back on my core favourite colours: crimsons, magentas and purples, all mixed up together in this pure silk velvet collection. This collection contains 15 or 30 corms each of: Gladiolus 'Velvet Eyes' Gladiolus 'Violetta'

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    Pure Vintage Gladioli Collection

    It's not just in clothes that vintage is what we're after, grow flowers in these 1970s colours too. My favourite new collection. This collection contains 15 corms each of: Gladiolus 'Bimbo'

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    Scented Lily Collection

    Three lilies chosen to give a succession of beautiful flowers, to fill your garden with delicious scent for weeks on end. The parade starts with the famously perfect L. regale, followed by the huge-flowered and highly perfumed 'Casa Blanca', finishing with the spectacular 'Muscadet'. This…

Spring Planting Bulbs at Sarah Raven

Stalwart bulbs for spring planting include those for naturalising such as bluebells and snowdrops. Top size, fresh healthy corms and bulbs are all sent out with our free planting instructions  guide.