Narcissi are super tolerant of almost any site and situation, and reliable, with clumps getting bigger and better each year. Perfect for cutting too.
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    Narcissus 'Actaea'

    Narcissus 'Actaea' is one month earlier to flower than the classic pheasant's eye narcissi – highly-scented and excellent in a border or grass.

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    Narcissus 'Princess Zaide'

    A tall and lovely late flowerer, with shallow, pure white blooms and a green eye.

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    Narcissus pseudonarcissus

    Narcissus pseudonarcissus is the wild British native daffodil which will spread by self-sowing in grass and beneath trees and shrubs. It's the longest lasting, easiest and most successful daff to grow for naturalising.

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    Narcissus for Naturalising Collection

    Every year we plant more bulbs in our grass and these are my top five narcissi for succesion, scale and scent. This collection contains 10 bulbs each of: Narcissus 'Hawera'

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    Narcissus 'Elka'

    Like a larger 'Tete-a-Tete' but in the most perfect ivory, a very classy daff, ideal for pots and containers and the front of a bed. It's very early to flower (can be even in February) is new and yet has already won an RHS AGM.

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    Narcissus 'Pheasant's Eye'

    Narcissus 'Pheasant's Eye' is a classic. It is highly scented and late flowering, excellent in a border or grass. For general reliability and all round beauty and scent, it almost always wins our narcissi trials.

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    Narcissus 'Yellow Cheerfulness'

    Soft, curvy, pretty and delicately scented – this traditional narcissi is now all the rage – the instagram florist's favourite. Surprisingly for something that looks so delicate, it also naturalises brilliantly in grass and its leaves are fine enough not to look messy as they die back.…

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    Highly Scented Narcissus Collection

    A collection of the very best, highly scented, long-flowering narcissi, to fill a vase or jug for week after week through March and April – nearly three months of heaven in your garden and house. Narcissus – or daffodils – are very tolerant bulbs and we should all grow plenty of…

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    Narcissus 'February Gold'

    A classic daffodil or narcissus, invaluable because it brings spring early, reliably flowering in a sheltered spot in January, and beating most others by at least a month. Later in the season you might want something more discreet and subtle, but not at the start of the year, when we're yearning…

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    Narcissus 'Geranium'

    In the past Narcissus 'Geranium' was often called the Florist's narcissi and this is the most wonderful garden and vase narcissi. It has delicious scent and flowers that last for ages.

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    Narcissus 'Martinette'

    Narcissus 'Martinette' has to win the scented garden narcissi competition. Only three or four stems of this multiheaded variety will fill its garden corner or your room with scent.

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    Narcissus 'Minnow'

    Brilliant for pots and in the garden, Narcissus 'Minnow' is a dwarf variety of narcissi with flat pale yellow cups and a wondrous scent.

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    Narcissus 'Petrel'

    I have a thing for white narcissi. They are – on the whole – hugely elegant and stylish and none more so than this. Narcissus 'Petrel' has lovely reflexed petals and an excellent scent.

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    Narcissus 'Pueblo'

    Narcissus 'Pueblo' is a lovely, sumptuously scented and long-flowering narcissi. Similar in colour to Narcissus 'Silver Chimes', but with flowers twice the size.

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    Narcissus 'Rip Van Winkle'

    An extraordinary, yet beautiful dwarf daffodil, with highly-cut petals like a child's home-made tissue paper star. It's one of my all time favourites, invaluably early to flower.

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    Narcissus 'Segovia'

    An exquisite and rare, open-faced, highly scented narcissi with white petals and a small flat lemon cup. Grow Narcissus 'Segovia' in a pot by your front door so you can admire it every day.

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    Narcissus 'Silver Chimes'

    Narcissus 'Silver Chimes' has delicate flowers with a scent similar in league to Narcissus 'Avalanche' which it follows in its flowering season. I have this planted between my dahlias in my dahlia cut-flower patch to give me buckets of long-lasting cut narcissi for spring.

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    Narcissus 'Tête-à-Tête'

    Narcissus 'Tête-à-Tête' is the best ever excellent value, miniature, easy to grow, live-for-ever narcissi which wins bulb of the year again and again.

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    Narcissus 'Thalia'

    A multi-headed, classic ivory narcissus, so beautiful in shade in the garden and picked.

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    Narcissus 'W.P. Milner'

    Narcissus 'W.P. Milner' is one of the best ever daffs for growing right at the front of a border or in a prominent pot. It looks good for months, has handsome foliage and is neat and compact.

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    Scented Tulip & Narcissus Collection

    I planted these three bulbs together in a layered bulb lasagne last autumn at Perch Hill, one variety on top of another. It looked fantastic for six weeks! The narcissi comes first in March and then the two tulips, with 'Avignon Parrot' looking good into May. This collection contains 15 or 30 bulbs…

Narcissi Bulbs at Sarah Raven

Narcissus bulbs - or daffodils - give a great performance early in the year and if you choose carefully you can have colour in your garden and highly scented narcissus flowers to pick from late February until May.

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