Indoor Plants and Bulbs

Indoor Plants and Bulbs

Indoor bulbs and plants are excellent for long-lasting scent and colour in the house, when there isn't much in the garden to pick.
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  1. Amaryllis 'Gervase'

    Starting at £10.95

    Available as 1 bulb, 3 bulbs

  2. Pelargonium 'Attar of Roses'

    Starting at £6.95

    Available as 5 young plants, 10 young plants, 1 x 9cm pot, 3 x 9cm pots

  3. Pelargonium 'Horizon Appleblossom' F1

    Starting at £2.25

    Available as 6 seeds, 5 jumbo seedlings

  4. Pelargonium tomentosum

    Starting at £10.50

    Available as 1 young plant, 3 young plants

  5. Currently unavailable
    Amaryllis belladonna Amaryllis belladonna
    Amaryllis belladonna

    Starting at £4.50

Indoor Plants & Bulbs at Sarah Raven

With our trialled and tested unusual selection of amaryllis, scented narcissus collection and hyacinths for forcing, you can enjoy the scent and sight of flowers even in the winter, 

All our bulbs are top size and come with free planting instructions.