Dahlias are the highlight of the late summer garden. Keep picking them and one dahlia tuber will produce hundreds of flowers.
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    Dahlia 'Scura'

    Dahlia 'Scura' is on a completely different scale to other dahlias with flowers only just bigger than a two pound coin. 'Scura' is small, but has great elegance and grace, ideal for pots and prominent corners, where you want something to flower for a good four month stretch. Our dahlias: are first…

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    Dahlia 'Karma Choc'

    Its stems are as black as its beautiful velvet flowers...incredible. The Karma group have also been bred for use as a cut flower and in general have a better vase life than other dahlias. Our dahlias: are first class, healthy tubers – the largest and best you can buy. come with full…

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    Dahlia 'Gerrie Hoek'

    Dahlia 'Gerrie Hoek' is a beautiful and delicate dahlia with strong, straight stems and waterlily-like flowers. Our dahlias: are first class, healthy tubers – the largest and best you can buy. come with full planting, spacing and cultivating instructions for beginner gardeners tubers should…

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    Dahlia 'After Dusk'

    I swore I had enough treasured dark dahlias and could not find room for another, but then I saw this in a dahlia trial field last autumn and fell upon it – a waterlily in the richest crimson. It's super long-lasting in the garden and vase. This can be gift wrapped in our exclusive hessian…

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    Plum and Apricot Dahlia Collection

    The most beautiful range of colours and flower forms: soft, romantic and stylish. This collection contains 1 or 2 tubers each of: Dahlia 'Julie One'

Dahlia Tubers at Sarah Raven

We tried and tested a whole range of dahlia tubers at Perch Hill and only those which provided the most beautiful flowers made it into our range. Dahlia tubers are easy to grow and plant and provide masses of flowers for months at a stretch. If you have the space in your garden, I recommend dedicating an area to dahlias, or spreading a few dahlia tubers through already established beds.

All our dahlia tubers are sent with a free copy of Sarah's detailed growing instruction booklet and we only supply top size tubers for better quality plants.