We love to know how you get on with our products. We use Feefo to manage our reviews and these can be seen on the individual product pages of our website. When you place an order with us we will send you through an email asking if you would be happy to leave a review, firstly on your experience of ordering with us, and then on the products themselves.

If you’d like to give more general feedback about your order or our service, please get in touch with our Customer Services team.

Here are just a few of our favourite pieces of feedback about our catalogue and online shop. If you’d like to hear more about Sarah’s courses at Perch Hill, please see our page for thoughts and feedback on our courses.

"First the catalogue. Each picture is a work of art and makes it very difficult to choose which plants to buy, but I know what I do choose will be as exquisite as its picture - probably more so.

Plants are very reasonably priced and when they arrive they are invariably very well grown with root systems that are raring to get going.

Packaging is superb; plants arrive with little or no hint of stress after their journey and if you have any questions staff are polite and helpful. All the plants I have purchased from Sarah Raven have looked just as their catalogue photos. I have bought plants from a large number of companies/nurseries and only a very few can compete with the quality of Sarah Raven's plants.

5 stars all round!" - J. Proom

"Dear Sarah Raven,

I would just like to congratulate you and say thank you as a customer for the superb quality of your publications, plants, seed and accessory items. I can say without any doubt the best from any supplier I have ever used.

Unfortunately as a disabled customer only on a small income my ability to spend on the garden is limited. I do however like quality products as I see these as an investment.

Can I also congratulate you on the robust packing and presentation of the deliveries. 

Well done all round." - S. Holden

"Last year autumn I cleared a new space in my garden and set it up as a cutting garden. From Sarah Raven I purchased a dahlia collection, gladioli, and a selection of seeds for cutting flowers.

  I have been delighted with the results, having flowers in the house for many weeks (and many weeks to come). I will extend the cutting next year by buying some 'Peony' tulips to add to the cutting garden!"

 K. J. Davis. Dorset

Cut Flowers by K.J Davis

 "I just wanted to thank you so much for the enormous pleasure I have had planting up my borders with a few herbaceous plants, but primarily masses of seedlings grown from over 50 packets of your seeds.

 I had a wonderful day on your cutting garden course in March this year, after which I went to town nurturing my seedlings in our conservatory throughout April & May.  My borders really have been my sanctuary and have provided buckets and buckets of cut flowers, not only for our home but also for all my friend's, neighbour's and relative's.  One of the most exciting packets of seeds was a mixed cut flower selection. The plants grown from that packet were beautiful and all a delightful surprise, keeping me guessing until the day they opened.

 Thank you again for such a wonderful vibrant, unusual and really special selection of plants. A real fan!!"

L. Sinclair

"I have tried many other online garden suppliers - Sarah Raven is undoubtedly one of the very best. This year's spring bulbs have been wonderful, and especially some of the tulip collections.  The young plants and plugs are almost always larger and healthier than competitor suppliers and the other things which make success more certain is that they are delivered promptly and packaged securely. This is often a problem with other suppliers whose packaging is inferior to that used by Sarah Raven and plants can be many days en route - not so with Sarah Raven - they are almost always delivered the day after despatch.  I have been conducting something of an experiment over the last couple of years  to see whose plants and service provide the best result - up front the Sarah Raven ones tend to be a little pricier.  But the conclusion I have come to is that most of the other "big names" are proving to be false economy and I will be sticking with a smaller number of suppliers for the future with Sarah Raven at the top. I have to give five stars for quality of product and delivery service." 

Mrs A.G.Fuller

"I was very impressed with both the quality of the plants delivered and how very carefully and securely packed they were. I have used many online live plant delivery sites over the years and yours is by far the best! Huge pat on the back, very well done! We have our own business and pride ourselves on our professionalism, high quality customer satisfaction and attention to detail. It is so very refreshing to find another company in this day and age with the same high standards! "
Mrs M.P

Venetian Tulip Collection

Venetian Tulip Collection

"Thank you so much for the last parcel of my order which arrived today. I would like to say how impressed I am with your service – everything arrived beautifully packed and in good order – it was a joy to open the parcels. Best service I have ever received from a garden company. Thanks again."
P. Wadie

"May I take this opportunity to thank you for your wonderful service. I have been so pleased with the bulbs and plants which I have ordered. In my mid eighties still with a passion for my garden and unable to get to nurseries I have found your plants and the way they arrive excellent."
Mrs D.A.

"I have just received my dahlia tubers from you. I have never written a message like this before, but I have to praise the quality, the hessian packaging, the instructions for the care of the plants, the catalogue. I am totally impressed. I always feel it can be a risk to buy from an advert in a newspaper, often the quality of the plants are poor, and I prefer to see what I’m buying "in the flesh", but having made one purchase from you, I will be back for more, and pass the word around! Thank you so much."
M. Stephens

Venetian Dahlia Collection

Venetian Dahlia Collection

Harlequin Sweet Pea Mix

Harlequin Sweet Pea Mix

"I bought the Harlequin Sweet pea plants and wanted to tell you of the success I have had ... I am currently harvesting approx 10 bunches a week which get given to nurses and other volunteers within the hospital. The smell is amazing and the plants are too, which brings much needed brightness to the patients and their relatives."
Garden Volunteer at The Royal Marsden Hospital in Chelsea
"Thank you for the pleasure that your bulbs, which I ordered from your catalogue earlier in the year, have given me. In spite of lack of rain to start with then more than enough rain to continue with, including late frosts and gale force winds, they have stood up to it all. Of particular mention including favourable comments from neighbours, the deep purple tulips deserve special mention."
R. Smith

Tulip 'Havran'

Tulip ‘Havran’

Ten Weeks Mixed Stocks

Ten Weeks Mixed Stocks

"Well done Sarah, so many of my family and friends have grown single flowers and herbs this year. You have really opened up people’s eyes to how we must save our bees, and all pollinating insects. Also, great to grow scented flowers that let their scent out in the evenings and night like night-scented stocks, honeysuckle and evening primroses ... I have also noticed more firms are saying what plants help these insects. Amazing job."
M. Marriner
"Sweet pea seeds, especially Prince Edward of York, produced lots of flowers and were a great pleasure. The dahlia tubers similarly produced masses of flowers until a frost earlier this month. Terrific. I loved my tulips. And am very pleased with the trailing verbena, which again lasted all summer.

Orlaya, beautiful but very brief. Euphorbia are growing well and will going full blast next summer. Am delighted by the Michaelmas Daisies I have bought as plug plants - they are now big plants. I have been spreading the word, and my friends very much enjoy their Sarah Raven purchases, too."

Verbena 'Sissinghurst'

Verbena ‘Sissinghurst’

Cosmos 'Purity'

Cosmos ‘Purity’

"A short note to tell you what joy I’ve had from the cosmos plugs I bought from you this year. They arrived beautifully packed and after caring for them in the house planted them in my herbaceous border. They have thrived, are still flowering away and give me enormous pleasure. I shall repeat this next year."
"I wish to thank you for my sweet peas. After much tending, the new plants came out to flower at the end of August and have been truly beautiful. This is the first time that I have been able to grow sweet peas successfully. With all their links to childhood, it means so much!"

Venetian Sweet Pea Collection

Venetian Sweet Pea Collection

Agapanthus 'White Heaven'

Agapanthus ‘White Heaven’

"I wonder if you ever think how much joy your catalogues and plants give to ordinary folk like myself! I started ordering from you a while ago whilst reading your articles in the Daily Telegraph. I love your ‘White Heaven’ Agapanthus, it has given me such pleasure and company this summer, and has been the admiration of many people."
"I just wanted to let you know how incredibly pleased I am with the seedlings I ordered. They arrived last week in the most perfect condition. They are so wonderfully strong and healthy. The way you present the plants is a joy in itself. It’s like opening a series of little presents! Your booklets are very helpful too."

Ammi majus

Ammi majus

Zinnia elegans 'Sprite Mix'

Zinnia elegans ‘Sprite Mix’

"My order arrived safely yesterday and I must thank you for good service and excellent plants. I look forward to seeing a great splash of colour in the summer."
"If, like me, you love your garden and enjoy having colourful pots around, but are not a very well-informed gardener therefore a trip to your local garden centre makes you confused and you can’t make a decision, then this site SARAH RAVEN is for you. Having used Sarah Raven before I can vouch for the excellent quality of her plants, all delivered to your door."

Purple Pot Collection

Purple Pot Collection

Calendula officinalis 'Indian Prince'

Calendula officinalis ‘Indian Prince’

"Thank you for the quick delivery of my seed order. Your service is excellent, and the catalogue is so beautifully put together with mouth watering pictures and straightforward advice it really is so difficult to make up one’s mind. I place some of the juiciest pics on my fridge so during the dark wintry days it helps to lift the spirits."
H. Wing
"Order arrived yesterday! Many thanks for brilliant packaging and speedy postage. Planted my Sweet Peas in Rootrainer this morning and looking forward to picking ‘highly scented varieties’ in the summer."
G. Attwood



Sarah Raven Wild Flower Seed Mix

Sarah Raven Wild Flower Seed Mix

"Just a quick mail to say a very big thank you. I bought all my seeds from you this year - the sweet peas have been absolutely amazing - I have had at least one large jug full every day, every friend and family member has had bunches and they are still going strong! The freesias finally appeared and produced beautifully scented stems for several weeks.

Best of all were the butterfly and wild flower mixes. I had dug two very large borders in my front garden and also planted a new hornbeam hedge. There was a nasty, unused corner around the bins that we have never managed to sort out, too. I scattered several packets of seeds in these areas and was dismayed when nothing germinated in the cold wet, Welsh weather. Then, suddenly and unexpectedly, the beds were full. They still are. With the sunshine, bees and butterflies arrived in encouraging numbers. I always have a vase of mixed flowers on the kitchen table and the neighbours (and some passers-by) have asked where I got the seeds. So, thank you for the lovely summer, despite the weather. I will be doing it all again next year!"
K. Creighton-Griffiths

"Plants arrived at 7pm today, all ok and the quality has really surprised me: the best I have ever received from a mail order company. Congrats, will be shopping again with you soon, and will be "blowing your trumpet" to friends and family, many thanks again."
N. Roberts

Phlox 'Blue Paradise'

Phlox ‘Blue Paradise’

Pale Cut Flower Mix

Pale Cut Flower Collection

"Just sent in my second order of the week! Lots of wonderful seeds to grow on and share with friends and neighbours. Your catalogue is a triumph! Beautifully presented and irresistible. Can’t wait for my allium bulbs to arrive, too. I bought your cut flower seed collection last year and every one has been superb. I’ve had armfuls of cut flowers all summer. Just wanted to express my thanks"
A. Wood
One satisfied customer who will have no hesitation in ordering from you again and recommending you to everyone."
S. Norbury

Digitalis 'Sutton's Apricot'

Digitalis ‘Sutton's Apricot’

Sarah's courses at Perch Hill

Sarah’s courses at Perch Hill

"I just wanted to send a huge thank you, to you, for launching me into a year of great pleasure and success in my vegetable garden. I came to a course of yours earlier this year and you not only inspired me enormously but you really set me on the right road to producing a very pretty and productive veg/cut flower garden.

I also ordered most of my seed from you. The instructions that you sent with them were so helpful and the quality of the end product has been perfect. Having bought your cooking book and then done a short course at Ballymaloe, I can actually use everything that I grow properly. I now also have two bee hives so I thoroughly approve of your bee friendly plant scheme."
J. Winch

"Just wanted to say how pleased I am with my order, received from you in March and duly planted. For the past two weeks I have had excellent blooms which I’ve cut and placed at varying places in the house, filling the rooms with an incredible aroma. I’ve never had much success with freesias until this time. I would certainly recommend them to my friends and anyone else."
P. Loveys

Classic Freesia Mix

Classic Freesia Mix

Brandy Snap Tulip Mix

Brandy Snap Tulip Mix

"Thank you for your prompt attention to my tulip order, only posted on Monday and received on Saturday. Thank you very much. I would also like to say how delighted I was with fifty freesias I purchased from you in the spring. They were an absolute delight with wonderful colours and perfume. Keep sending me your catalogue!"
J. Hickling
"The chrysanthemums I bought from you this summer (shaggy headed collection) have come into their own now, and are really giving a lift to my autumnal London garden. Just wanted to say thank you, and that I’ll be back for more next year!"
Rachel, South London

Sea Urchin Chrysanths Collection

Sea Urchin Chrysanths Collection

Highly Scented Narcissi Collection in Nero Vase

Highly Scented Narcissi Collection in Nero Vase

"We love your products and with such great customer service I can see why your business is blooming!"
M. Sandberg
"Just to say a big thank you to whoever I spoke with on the phone a couple of days ago – lovely lady – re problems with a couple of dahlias – and replacement arrived this am. Such brilliant customer relations. How lovely – well done to you all!"
C. Nesbitt

Dahlia 'Jecot Julie'

Dahlia ‘Jescot Julie’ in a Jewel Vase