Growing Veg

Growing Veg

Learn how to grow your own veg
with Sarah at Perch Hill – these day courses
will provide you with essential advice
to help you make the most of your veg garden.
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    Year Round Veg Course with Sarah

    For those who want to grow their own veg not just in the summer, but all year round. This course is based on my veg growing philosophy – don't grow everything, but spend your precious time and use your precious space with the highly productive, long-season crops, which will give you delicious…

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    Charles Dowding - No Dig Organic Veg Gardening

    Charles graduated from Cambridge in 1980 and started an organic, no dig market garden. He will explain the principles of no-dig growing, how it saves so much time, for results as good if not better than in dug/tilled soil. He will show you how to create a productive garden, and even experienced gardeners…