Growing Veg

Growing Veg

Learn how to grow your own veg with Sarah at Perch Hill – these day courses will provideu with essential advice to help you make the most of your veg garden.
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    Year Round Veg Course with Sarah

    All our lives are better for even the smallest amount of grow-your-own. Come and learn how to use your precious time and space most effectively to produce delicious things to eat not just in the summer, but all year round. The day lasts from 10.30am till 3.30pm including tea/coffee on arrival,…

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    Growing and Eating Year Round Veg at Bix Manor

    Come and learn my rules for creating the best simple food with veg, salad and herb growing advice for busy people, all year round – and healthy, straightforward, tasty ideas (and tasters) for how to prepare the food you’ve grown. 2/3rds of the day will be on growing and variety…

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    Mark Diacono, The New Kitchen Garden

    At this day at Perch Hill, Mark will introduce you to a whole range of delicious and beautiful plants – herbs, spices, fruit, nuts, edible flowers and vegetables, – that work as well in an ornamental garden as an edible one. We’ll get to know unfamiliar and forgotten plants, as well…