Growing Veg

Growing Veg

Learn how to grow your own veg with Sarah at Perch Hill – these day courses will provideu with essential advice to help you make the most of your veg garden.
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    Year Round Veg Course with Sarah

    The veg areas of Perch Hill are about super-production, not just for the summer months, but throughout the winter too. What are the plants you can grow through the cold, grey months of the year and which need more light and heat for late spring and summer harvests? We concentrate on cut-and-come…

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    Charles Dowding - No Dig Organic Veg Gardening, plus Composting Workshop

    Charles has been growing organic salad and veg for 30 years, supplying his part of the west country with delicious bags of salad and boxes of veg twelve months round. On this day course he'll show us all the benefits of no-dig - higher production, less labour, fantastic flavour and lots more and -…

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    Edimentals - Edible Ornamentals with Chris Smith

    Chris Smith is hugely knowledgable and inspiring on growing delicious edible plants in your own back yard and on this day teaching at Perch Hill, he will concentrate on which are the best beautiful edibles to make your garden and pots look good, as well as produce delicious, unusual and interesting…