Snape Maltings, Suffolk

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    Grow Your Own Cut Flowers Part 1 at Snape Maltings, Suffolk

    I'll give you hard facts on how to succeed with growing the very best and most productive plants for at least nine months of the year, combined with the best cut-and-come-again variety inspiration. In the morning, we'll cover all the theory. In the afternoon, I will give you practical advice on…

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    Magnificent Pots at Snape Maltings, Suffolk

    All we have learnt over the years to make our pots at Perch Hill - little and large - take centre stage in the garden. This course covers design and plant inspiration, as well as functional details of how to keep your pots looking good for longest. Please

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    Christmas Flowers, Wreaths and Decorations at Snape Maltings, Suffolk

    Drawing inspiration from the garden, I will show you my style of Christmas flowers and decorations, and how to make wreaths and sumptuous yet simple arrangements for your parties and Christmas table. I'll show ideas for the Christmas door, festive table, large and twinkly vases and small delicate…