Stocking Fillers

Stocking Fillers

Brilliant, good value ideas for all your friends and family.
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    Sarah Raven Wild Flower Meadow Mix Seeds

    There are two main things I want from my wild flower meadow – to look beautiful for months not weeks, with flowers coming out and going over in succession and to grow pollen-rich, insect friendly plants from early in the year to late. I want my patch to be a regular and reliable food source…

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    Flowers for a White Garden Collection

    The four most beautiful white annuals you can grow - uplifting in the garden and in a vase. This collection includes: Ammi majus Cosmos bipinnatus 'Purity' Malope trifida 'Alba'

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    Harlequin Sweet Pea Seed Collection

    Everyone's favourite sweet pea collection. This collection contains 1 packet each of: Sweet Pea 'Lord Nelson'

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    Highly Scented Sweet Pea Seed Collection

    These sweet pea seeds are the strongest perfumed, old-fashioned sweet peas you can grow and they're easy! Included in the collection are Sarah Raven's sweet pea seed sowing and growing instructions. These are all beautifully boxed in one of our branded seed tins (14cm long x 10cm wide (depth 3cm))…

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    Really Good Organic Salad Seed Collection

    This seed collection includes the four best lettuce and organic salad leaf varieties to give you delicious and easy organic salad to pick and eat throughout the year. Your packets of seed will come in a stylish Sarah Raven seed tin (14cm long x 10cm wide (depth 3cm)) which you can re-use and full…

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    Sarah Raven Cosmos Seed Tin Collection

    No garden is complete without cosmos these days. Here are all my favourites. This collection includes: Cosmos bipinnatus 'Purity' Cosmos bipinnatus 'Psyche White' Cosmos bipinnatus 'Click Cranberries' Cosmos bipinnatus 'Dazzler' These

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    Seville Seed Tin Collection

    Add some pizazz to your garden with these bestselling hot colours, beautifully boxed in one of our branded seed tins (14cm long x 10cm wide (depth 3cm) which can be used to collect and store seeds in the future. This can be gift wrapped in our exclusive gift box, with tissue paper and a Sarah Raven…

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    Sow Easy Flowers for Children Tin Collection

    These will help to get your children gardening. That’s when I started, then I returned to it in my twenties. Lets hope we can encourage a whole new generation of gardeners. This can be gift wrapped in our exclusive gift box, with tissue paper and a Sarah Raven gift card. You will be able to add…

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    All Year Edible Flower Seed Collection

    No mixed salad is complete without a scattering of edible flowers. This collection includes 4 packets of our favourite varieties which will give you delicious edible flowers all year round. They are easy to grow, flowering more the more you pick them. They will transform your salads and make your…

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    Jewel Vase Collections

    You can't get better than these – single stem or posy vases dipped in the richest range of colours – they look like stained glass. I completely love them. You can buy each colour within these collections as Individual Jewel Vases These vases are moulded from recycled glass which is then…

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    Really Good Cut Flower Seed Collection

    Fill your house with vases of cut flowers for most of the year with these seeds – the very best, most beautiful and productive cut and come again flowers – for a small cutting patch, with the right balance of flowers and foliage. This can be gift wrapped in our exclusive gift box, with…

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    The Ultimate Sweet Pea Seed Tin Collection

    A wonderful selection of all the best long-stemmed, strongly scented varieties.

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    Year Round Vegetable Seed Collection

    The top outstanding, everyday vegetables which will provide you with veg all year round. If I was cast off to a desert island, and had to grow my own food, these are vegetable seeds I would take. These 15 packets of seeds come in a stylish Sarah Raven seed tin (18x16cm (depth 8cm)) which you can…

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Browse our range of stocking fillers – smaller gifts, perfect for stockings or as a little extra gift. There's something for everyone here, including mini gardening tools, little treats for the house, and stylish things to wear.