Outdoor Plant & Bulb Gifts

Outdoor Plant & Bulb Gifts

Give your favourite gardener something to plant and enjoy in spring next year.
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    The Ultimate Sweet Pea Seed Tin Collection

    A wonderful selection of all the best long-stemmed, strongly scented varieties.

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    Allium Mix Mini Shopping Bag Gift Set

    Three of the best, most popular allium varieties sent out in a colourful mini shopping bag. This makes a lovely present for anyone who loves these statuesque, sparkler flowers. A mix of 25 bulbs.

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    Blackberry Smoke Tulip Collection

    The fleshy and bosomy Anne Boleyn of tulips, 'La Belle Epoque' is almost matched by the pink, smoky 'Mistress Grey' here, with a good splash of contrast from the frilly and flamboyant 'Black Parrot'. This collection contains 10 or 20 bulbs each of: Tulip 'Mistress Grey'

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    Blue Border Bulb Gift Bag

    A generous collection of 75 beautiful blue flowering bulbs to give. The collection includes: 10 bulbs of Tulip 'Purple Prince'

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    Brandy Snap Tulip Collection

    This is where you're really breaking the mould, beautiful vintage silk, smoky, sophisticated colours which reign supreme with me. I'm inclined to fill my whole garden with these. This collection contains 5, 10 or 15 bulbs each of: Tulip 'Belle Epoque' Tulip 'Apricot Foxx' Tulip 'Cairo' Tulip…

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    Bumper Border Bulb Collection

    Tulip 'Green Star' is unavailable due to a crop shortage, we are replacing it in this collection with a similar variety, Tulip 'Tres Chic'. We had this soft and beautiful scented mix of tulips and narcissus all around our lawn this spring and I picked and picked and picked. That's why it's called…

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    Classic Hyacinth Collection

    These are the best hyacinths you can grow, my absolute top favourites from the many I have trialled, all with magnificent scent and of course, exceptional vase life. Put a drop of bleach in the vase water with hyacinths and they will last longer. It stops bacteria proliferating and collapsing the…

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    Copper Pot Tulip Collection

    I adore copper and brandy snap coloured tulips and you don't find better than these, planted in the tubs in our rose garden where the bronze tones PERFECTLY matched the emerging spring rose foliage. This makes a triumphant mix which I passionately recommend and it's scented too. The arching,…

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    Dark Peony Flowered Tulip Collection

    Luscious, full-petaled tulips in dazzling jewel colours, voted everyone’s new favourite collection here at Perch Hill. These tulips really do look like spring peonies. This collection contains 5, 10 or 20 bulbs each of:

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    Dutch Yard Tulip Collection

    We adored this trio of tulips in our Terracotta pots this spring, the splash of red ‘Bastogne’ providing a brilliance amongst the dark richness of the other two. I passionately recommend it. This collection contains:

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    Easy Wow Tulip Collection

    The perfect collection of tulips for the brilliant coloured garden; zingy, cheerful and long-flowering, with lovely fragrance from 'Ballerina' and 'Request' thrown in. This collection contains 5 or 10 bulbs each of:

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    Fantastic Allium Collection

    My three favourite alliums for growing in drifts in the garden and for picking for inside. Don't pick the leaves, just the flower stems and put a drop of bleach in the water to extend their vase life and prevent any oniony smell. Don't chuck the flowers when they go over – hang them upside…

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    Highly Scented Narcissus Collection

    A collection of the very best, highly scented, long-flowering narcissi, to fill a vase or jug for week after week through March and April – nearly three months of heaven in your garden and house. Narcissus – or daffodils – are very tolerant bulbs and we should all grow plenty of…

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    Honey and Smoke Tulip Collection

    Mauve, apricot and ochre, the 1970's meets 2018-19 here, with this palette all the rage on the catwalk, with flowers to match. 'Jacuzzi' and 'Brownie' are two brand new tulips which mix brilliantly with 'La Belle Epoque' in pots, border and vase. This collection contains 5 or 10 bulbs each of:

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    Ice Blue Crocus Collection

    This exclusive collection contains the most beautiful, pale, delicate crocuses in soft blues and creams. Crocuses are often the first flowers in a garden and feel like the true cheerleaders of spring. Delicate, yet easy to grow, lovely closed up as a goblet and even lovelier, fully starily open.…

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    Lily-Flowered Tulip Pot Collection

    Our Venetian Tulip Collection 'Mark II', with three supremely elegant, and in the case of 'Ballerina' scented, Lily-flowered tulips combined together to give flowers April into May. I adore this brand new mix. The foliage arching over the side of the pots pictured here is Crocus 'Flower Record',…

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    Narcissi for Pots Collection

    All three of these delicate narcissi look beautiful in the garden or in a pot, inside or out. Narcissus – or daffodils – are very tolerant bulbs and we should all grow plenty of them. They give a great performance early in the year and if you choose carefully you can have colour in your…

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    Narcissus Mix Mini Shopping Bag Gift Set

    Treat someone to this lucky-dip mix of at least 12 varieties of large-cupped narcissus, sent out in a colourful mini shopping bag. 25 bulbs per bag.

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    New Allium Collection

    These three are the alliums I pick most. I love the starry openness of 'Purple Rain', the beautiful and long-lasting pink-mauve flowers of unifolium and of course the ever stalwart, 'Purple Sensation', impossible to beat in flower or seed head. These are my desert-island three. This collection…

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    Pale Peony Flowered Tulip Collection

    Beautiful soft, romantic colours and shapes, make this a delicious combination of abundant peony-like tulips. This collection includes 5, 10 or 20 bulbs each of: Tulip ‘La Belle Époque’ Tulip ‘Danceline’

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    Peach and Apricot Tulip Collection

    A collection of four tulips in soft, warm, gentle colours which I now love equally to the rich Venetian tones. We chose this collection to go on the front of our Diary for 2018. This collection contains 5 or 10 bulbs each of:

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    Perch Hill Tulip Collection

    I love to mass tulips either side of the main path in the cutting and veg gardens to give maximum impact in one place, rather than scattering them thinly all through. This trio has lasted for years now at Perch Hill. The Perch Hill Tulip collection flowers from mid-April to May. All our tulip…

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    Pewter Tulip Collection

    A truly beautiful combination of pewter, peach and mahogany tulips, stopped from being too girly by the sombre 'Continental' and the hot-off-the-trial-field 'Slawa', with part of its flower matching each of the other tulips and providing the link bewteen. This collection contains 5 or 10 bulbs each…

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    Plum and Apricot Tulip Collection

    'Apricot Foxx' adds a softness to this rich and glorious scented mix we had planted all the way down our drive at Perch Hill last spring. Overplant with wallflowers or valerian for a beautiful contrast. This collection contains 10 or 15 bulbs each of: