Outdoor Plant & Bulb Gifts

Outdoor Plant & Bulb Gifts

Give your favourite gardener something to plant and enjoy in spring next year.
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    Blackberry Smoke Tulip Collection

    The fleshy and bosomy Anne Boleyn of tulips, 'La Belle Epoque' is almost matched by the pink, smoky 'Mistress Mystic' here, with a good splash of contrast from the frilly and flamboyant 'Black Parrot'. This collection contains 10 or 20 bulbs each of: Tulip 'Mistress Mystic'

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    Bumper Border Bulb Collection

    We had this soft and beautiful scented mix of tulips and narcissus all around our lawn this spring and I picked and picked and picked. That's why it's called the "Bumper" Border Collection. It's very perennial too and will come back year after year. This collection contains 15 or 30 bulbs each of:…

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    Honey and Smoke Tulip Collection

    Mauve, apricot and ochre, the 1970's meets 2018-19 here, with this palette all the rage on the catwalk, with flowers to match. 'Jacuzzi' and 'Brownie' are two brand new tulips which mix brilliantly with 'La Belle Epoque' in pots, border and vase. This collection contains 5 or 10 bulbs each of:

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    Pewter Tulip Collection

    A truly beautiful combination of pewter, peach and mahogany tulips, stopped from being too girly by the sombre 'Continental' and the hot-off-the-trial-field 'Slawa', with part of its flower matching each of the other tulips and providing the link bewteen. This collection contains 5 or 10 bulbs each…

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    The 'G & T' Tulip Collection

    Clear, sharp and delicious, this gin and tonic mix with elegant shapes and great colours will keep you peppy through spring. I loved this fresh combination in the garden and vase at Perch Hill. This collection contains 15 bulbs each of:

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    The Oast Garden Tulip Collection

    Do you know, I never thought I was going to like a fringed tulip, but we trialled this perfectly colour matching duo of tulips in spring this year and I absolutely loved it. And of course, 'Brown Sugar' is scented. Grow this pair with contrasting purple honesty and aquilegias, such as 'Ruby Port'.

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    The Rembrandt Tulip Collection

    This is a perfect example of my colour combining recipe with the bride – the marvellous rich burgundy tulip 'Sarah Raven', matched by the bridesmaid – tulip 'Paul Scherer', both contrasted to the Dutch still-life tulip 'Helmar' – a gatecrasher. Use this recipe – it works…

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    The Romantics Tulip Collection

    I adore this new colour range – soft, blousy, romantic and supremely beautiful – a passionately recommended mix of scale, shape and colour. This collection contains 5 or 10 bulbs each of: