Outdoor Plant & Bulb Gifts

Outdoor Plant & Bulb Gifts

Give your favourite gardener something to plant and enjoy in spring next year.
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    Ice Blue Crocus Collection

    This exclusive collection contains the most beautiful, pale, delicate crocuses in soft blues and creams. Crocuses are often the first flowers in a garden and feel like the true cheerleaders of spring. Delicate, yet easy to grow, lovely closed up as a goblet and even lovelier, fully starily open.…

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    Narcissi for Pots Collection

    All three of these delicate narcissi look beautiful in the garden or in a pot, inside or out. Narcissus – or daffodils – are very tolerant bulbs and we should all grow plenty of them. They give a great performance early in the year and if you choose carefully you can have colour in your…