Outdoor Plant & Bulb Gifts

Outdoor Plant & Bulb Gifts

Give your favourite gardener something to plant and enjoy in spring next year.
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    Blackberry Smoke Tulip Collection

    The fleshy and bosomy Anne Boleyn of tulips, 'La Belle Epoque' is almost matched by the pink, smoky 'Mistress Mystic' here, with a good splash of contrast from the frilly and flamboyant 'Black Parrot'. This collection contains 10 or 20 bulbs each of: Tulip 'Mistress Mystic'

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    Dark Peony Flowered Tulip Collection

    Luscious, full-petaled tulips in dazzling jewel colours, voted everyone’s new favourite collection here at Perch Hill. These tulips really do look like spring peonies. This collection contains 5, 10 or 15 bulbs each of:

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    Perch Hill Tulip Collection

    I love to mass tulips either side of the main path in the cutting and veg gardens to give maximum impact in one place, rather than scattering them thinly all through. This trio has lasted for years now at Perch Hill. The Perch Hill Tulip collection flowers from mid-April to May. All our tulip…

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    Pewter Tulip Collection

    A truly beautiful combination of pewter, peach and mahogany tulips, stopped from being too girly by the sombre 'Continental' and the hot-off-the-trial-field 'Slawa', with part of its flower matching each of the other tulips and providing the link bewteen. This collection contains 5 or 10 bulbs each…

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    Rich and Gorgeous Tulip Collection

    A Sarah Raven classic mix of orange contrasted with crimson, for scent and texture guaranteed in garden and vase. You cannot go wrong with these long-standing favourites. Plant and pick with wallflowers for colours and perfume to match. This collection contains 5 or 10 bulbs each of:

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    Sarah's Favourite Tulip Collection

    This wonderful collection is made up of the two winners in our dark-flowered tulip trial, Tulips 'Jan Reus' and 'Black Hero', in contrast to the highly scented and incredible 'Avignon Parrot'. Pictured here with Primula 'Francesca'. This collection contains 5 or 15 bulbs each of: Tulip 'Jan Reus'

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    The Rembrandt Tulip Collection

    This is a perfect example of my colour combining recipe with the bride – the marvellous rich burgundy tulip 'Sarah Raven', matched by the bridesmaid – tulip 'Paul Scherer', both contrasted to the Dutch still-life tulip 'Helmar' – a gatecrasher. Use this recipe – it works…