Wrap, Ribbon & Tags

Wrap, Ribbon & Tags

Enjoy wrapping presents for friends and family with our favourite papers, ribbons and labels.
12 products
  1. Patterned Tissue Paper


    Available as sapphire & stripes, vintage, winter frost

  2. Velvet Ribbon


    Available as brown, purple, teal

  3. Coloured Luggage Labels

    Starting at £2.95

    Available as bright, traditional

  4. Colourful Raffia


    Available as green, natural, pink, purple

  5. Extra-long Roll of Kraft Paper


    Available as antiqued silver, burnished gold

  6. Extra-long Wrapping Ribbon


    Available as gold, navy, silver, turquoise

  7. Metallic Tissue Paper


    Available as 20 sheet pack

  8. Sarah Raven Gift Box

    Starting at £5.50

    Available as medium, large

  9. Sarah Raven Hessian Sack


  10. Sarah Raven Paper Bags


    Available as pack of 10

  11. Tissue Paper


    Available as sweet pea, winter greens & blues

  12. Waxed Waterproof Tissue Paper


    Available as acid green, jewel, marrakech, purple, sugared almond

Wrap, ribbon and tags

A well-wrapped present is a delightful thing to receive, and here you'll find all of Sarah's favourite wrap, ribbons, tissue and more.