Artificial Flowers & Branches

Artificial Flowers & Branches

Create easy and amazing displays with our realistic everlasting branches and flowers.
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    Autumn Burgundy Hydrangea

    Deep purple coloured large headed hydrangea. Choose from single or set of 3. H.42cm

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    Chinese Lantern Branch

    Add this to an arrangement for a splash of zingy colour. L.1.2m

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    Dark Pussy Willow Branch

    A realistic addition for your Christmas arrangements. Choose from Single or Set of 2. L.1m

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    Dusty Pink Short Stem Rose Bouquet

    3 stems of roses tied together for a beautiful arrangement. Choose from single (3 stems) or set of 2 (6 stems). H. 33cm

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    Everlasting Cream Gardenia Stem

    Incredibly realistic, these Everlasting Cream Gardenia Stems look stunning bunched together or arranged with other everlasting flowers. Choose from Single or Set of 2. H. 90cm

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    Everlasting Cyclamen

    Line a few of these down your table at Christmas – you have to touch them to check if they're real. H.20cm (pot H.6cm) 9 flowers per pot.

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    Everlasting Dahlia 'Café Au Lait'

    Marvel at it as part of a mixred arrangement or bunch it together for a high impact statement. Choose from Single or Set of 3. H.30cm

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    Everlasting Hellebore Sprays

    Use as they are, or cut the sprays into single stems and weave through a wreath, arrange in mini vases, or add to a garland. L.30cm Three stems with five flowers per spray

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    Everlasting Lush Pink Dahlia

    Wonderfully realistic, this Everlasting Lush Pink Dahlia is impactful alone or as part of a mixed arrangement. Choose from Single or Set of 3. H. 70cm

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    Everlasting Pussy Willow Branch

    Even close-up, these look like the real thing, with one branch dividing into three. The strong branches make a perfect framework for hanging small baubles and bells, and are a little pliable so you can bend them to balance an arrangement. 3 branches per stemL.84cm

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    Everlasting Spider Chrysanthemum

    Brighten up your home with the Everlasting Spider Chrysanthemum, which is so finely detailed it looks like a real flower. Choose from Single or Set of 3. H. 75cm

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    Everlasting Viburnum Berry

    Use our realistic individual faux flower stems to create arrangements that will last a lifetime. Choose from Single or Set of 3. H. 80cm

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    Everlasting White Dandelion Stem

    Beautiful and soft faux stems for everlasting appeal. Choose from Single or Set of 3. H. 90cm, Dia. 18cm.

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    Honesty Branch

    I love all of our faux branches, but the Honesty is my favourite of the stash-away-till-next-year range. It looks good and shimmery in a vase – as if dried from summer, but not dropping everywhere. Perfect scattered amongst flowers and candles. Choose from Small or Large, Single or a Set of…

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    Lambs Ear Spray

    Flocked grey-green lambs ear spray. Foliage is as important as flowers in arrangements, so we're always looking out for realistic fakes to add to our everlasting range. This one's excellent. L.71cm

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    Large Flower Magnolia Spray

    Three large magnolia flowers and three buds. Choose from: Single or Set of 3 H.80cm

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    Large White Orchid in Stone Pot

    Introducing our show stopping Large White Orchid in a Stone Pot. Sitting at an incredible H. 90cm, Dia. 70cm this beautiful everlasting orchid exudes taste and class.

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    Metallic Dogwood Spray

    Mix these with our Everlasting Pussy Willow for a subtle Christmas arrangement. Each branch has around 18 small flower heads in the palest pink, with a soft metallic sheen. L.85cm.

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    Oversized White Hydrangeas

    Oversized single head pure white hydrangea will not go unmissed, perfect for weddings. Choose from Single or Set of 2. H. 73cm, Dia 25cm.

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    Purple Hydrangea Bouquet

    Multiple headed bouquet of deep purple hydrangea. L.54cm

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    Red Short Stem Rose Bouquet

    Add some colour and freshness to any room effortlessly, with our 3 stem Rose Bouquet. Choose from Single or Set of 2. H. 35cm