What do you wear when you're gardening?

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It's getting chilly outside, and we're thinking about quite what to wear in the colder months out in the garden.

Summer is simple to sort - tshirt, shorts, hat, and a sneaky cardigan for when you realise you've been outside too long and it starts getting chilly. Autumn and winter are a little trickier. Autumn especially, as in the UK we have incredible unpredictable weather - it could be a heatwave or a snowstorm, and it could rain at any moment. You need to be prepared.

So, we've put together a list of autumn gardening wardrobe essentials, from the team at Sarah Raven - our favourites for this time of year:

  • a warm hoodie for cold weather, with a sturdy and large enough hood to stay over your head in windy weather
  • a windproof jacket (essential on the allotment I used to own)
  • jeans for all year round use - tough and sturdy, made to kneel in the dirt and dig to your hearts content. if you can get slim-leg or skinny, then this makes it very easy to get your welly boots on
  • three-quarter length sleeves, practical so you don't wreck your tops by getting them totally grimy
  • sturdy boots - something that will stand the test of time, as well as being very comfortable (Sarah's favourite boots are designed by Ilse Jacobsen and handmade with rubber, they're gorgeous and on all our Christmas present lists...)
  • thick socks, to go in the boots, especially when the frosts start appearing
  • a snood or circle scarf, you won't get frustrated with the ends trailing in the soil with one of these
  • washable leather gloves - genius!
  • a gilet, the perfect throw on for when you're heading out in the garden in autumn to pick all your produce, it'll keep you warm but let your arms work hard.

Gardening in a Joules Gilet, Cheap Monday Jeans and Storm Wells Wellington BootsAlissa  (our Web CoOrdinator) wears Storm Wells boots, Joules Higham womens gilet (it's got such a pretty lining), Cheap Monday jeans and a purple top from Gap

We think it's quite nice to make sure you enjoy your gardening wardrobe! The team at Perch Hill are always in tall boots, jeans and a brightly coloured half-length sleeve top - they keep things cheery and fun. And Sarah herself is a huge fan of layering - that way you can regulate your temperature with the changing English weather. If you've ever seen her in our YouTube videos, you'll have seen her favoured garden wardrobe - always pretty, colourful and feminine. She'll always wear skirts and dresses out in the garden, even digging and planting...

Traditional Bulb planter

We'd love to know what you think - what do you wear when you are gardening? Do you throw on the same thing each time, do you wear skirts/dresses or bright colours? Is there one particular item that's particularly useful in the autumn garden?

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