Old-fashioned modern: Hydrangeas

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Hydrangeas have had a bit of a bad press over the years; often dismissed as old-fashioned, they’re the kind of shrub you might inherit when moving into a new house and consider getting rid of once you start redesigning the garden.

Hydrangea Blue

But their blooms are, for me, the ones which age the most beautifully. At this time of year the chalky blues turn an enchanting shade of sea green. The deep magenta flowers are suddenly shot through and streaked with verdigris and indigo.

 Other than being photogenic, hydrangeas make lovely cut flowers. You can find big, gorgeously-hued heads in the florist. And they dry to muted sepia tones which look perfect in an autumn arrangement alongside seed heads such as honesty and allium.

Hydrangea Bi-Colour

Of course, the colour of hydrangea blooms depends on the acidity or alkalinity of your soil. It’s worth checking and adjusting this accordingly to ensure the hydrangea you choose keeps its true colour.

 I get serious garden envy when I see autumnal hydrangeas in all their glory. I plan to plant one in our new garden; if you have one (or more) they’re well worth keeping and admiring, both outdoors and in.

Dried Hydrangea

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