Lucy Auge Illustrates from Plot to Page

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My name is Lucy Auge. I am an illustrator by trade, but gardening enthusiast in my free time. I love everything to do with the outdoors, especially growing my own flowers and vegetables. Naturally these outdoor themes always crop up in my work that I do.

I thought I’d demonstrate how I come up with one of my illustrations... It usually starts by going into my garden and seeing what plants are around and slowly gathering a bunch of flowers. I feel that what ever is growing together goes together. So here for this bunch of flowers I have collected: Bluebells, Knapweed, Aquilegia, Lunaria and Tellima (fringecup).

Bluebells, Knapweed, Aquilegia, Lunaria and Tellima (fringecup)

Most of these flowers I have grown from Sarah Raven seeds or had growing in my garden in the first place.


I place the bunch in a vase that I think will look good for the illustration but also compliments the flowers. I am not very good at flower arranging so I just keep the style natural. I do keep the flowers tightly packed together, as I feel that it’s easier to draw like that, and it creates layers of colours

My illustrations are mostly done by using Pro marker felt tip, they are a great medium to use and come in a huge range of colours. The paper I use is a recycled watercolour paper; I like this as it allows the felt tip to bleed into the paper, giving the effect of watercolour.

Floral Illustration

I find with my illustrations I like to explore the colours and the shapes of the flowers rather than doing an exact representation, to me it makes the drawing more decorative. Once I have finished my drawing I usually frame them to sell on my etsy shop or keep them to use on a project at a later date. Either way I just enjoy the process of growing your own flowers and then having them to draw, it's a lovely feeling.

Illustration of flowers

For more about Lucy, check out her website...

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