How to make a Christmas vase centrepiece

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This is a brilliant arrangement for Christmas. It makes a fairly small number of flowers go a long way and look spectacular, but it is very easy.

You will need:


How to Get the Look

  1. Soak the oasis ring in water for 5 minutes, leaving it floating to absorb the water naturally. Do this rather than pushing it into the water yourself, which will create air pockets in the oasis, and flowers in those will die.
  2. Fill the Nero vase with assorted colourful baubles. You could add whatever you fancy – walnuts, cranberries, Spartan apples, pine cones, kumquats or Quality Street chocolates in their multicoloured wrappers.
  3. Cover the oasis ring with the foliage and flowers. Start with the foliage, making sure that you leave no green plastic or oasis visible, even when you lift the ring on to the vase. Then add the flowers. We have used anemones, rosemary, primroses, hellebores, euphorbia and primula.
  4. Put the ring on the shoulders of the vase, where it should sit perfectly. Add the candle, securing it with tack to stop it wobbling about. Alternatively, a small plate can be placed on top of the vase with the ring and candle balanced on this.
  5. To keep the flowers fresh, remove the oasis ring of flowers at night and store them somewhere cool. To rehydrate, float the whole ring in water for 10 minutes every couple of days. This arrangement will look good for 4 or 5 days.