How to create a hanging ammi globe

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This lovely ammi globe is easy to make than you might think, and looks lovely decorating your home, wedding or party venue.
  1. Soak the 20cm (8in) diameter globe of foam for a few minutes in a trug or large bucket. It will absorb enough water to keep your flowers alive for 4-5 days and will end up weighing about 4kg (10lb), which you need to bear in mind when you are hanging it. When it sinks it is ready; don’t be tempted to push the globe down into the water as that can cause dry air pockets in the foam.
  2. Put the globe in the middle of the wire mesh, pull up the two longer lengths and secure at the top. You must remember this is the top as you always want uncut wire at the base of the globe supporting the weight when hanging. Put a loop of reel wire at the top. Now cut any excess wire around the sides and bind the cut edges together with reel wire. You don’t want too much overlapping of the wire as this makes it much more difficult to push in the flower stems.
  3. Don’t try to work above your head – it’s exhausting. Hang your globe at a comfortable working height, not its final hanging position.
  4. Now add the flowers. You will need about 200 stems of ammi to cover the globe. When you’re poking stems into the globe, always aim for the centre of the sphere – this helps you keep a really good spherical shape for your finished globe. Start with shorter length stems of about 20cm (8in), push in about 2.5cm (1in) of stem and work your way round the globe covering it. Next add a slightly longer stem of about 25-30cm (10-12in) and repeat the process. Keep going, increasing the length of stem until you can’t see the foam globe.
  5. Now is the moment to lift the globe to its final position and hang securely. Just before you do this you can spray the flowers with a water atomiser or a florist spray that slows deterioration and helps the flowers to last longer. The globe should stay looking good for about a week.

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